Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Night Before Thanksgiving

The Wednesday night before Thanksgiving.  We have so much to be thankful for this year.  These past few days have been filled with appointments and going here and there.  Most evenings we came in after 7:00 pm exhausted and I would be too tired to blog.  Most of our mornings began earlier than later.  What we have been able to do is exciting and we are much further along than I ever thought we would be.

On Monday we had all the appointments with contractors, plumbers, painters, organizers and such.  Our contractor is also a pastor and a member of a southern gospel quartet.  The man who measured our floors for hardwood and carpet is a pastor of a small Baptist church and our painter has a Bible study in his home on Tuesday nights.  We certainly feel blessed.  Our friends Vivian and Bill came by to see the house and we welcomed in as our first official friends to visit.  We sat out on the porch and visited for a bit before they left to run errands.  We shut everything down at the house and went to the flooring place and picked out hardwoods to match what is in the house already and a Berber type carpet for the upstairs.  As we were winding up with that I noticed an email asking my opinion on a delivery.  So we went back to the house and sure enough, the four boxes sat outside the garage door.  Now, I don't think anyone would have bothered them, but we didn't want the boxes left out there in the moist air making it difficult to drag into the garage on Tuesday.  I no more wanted to back into our driveway in the dark that night but necessity made it so.  Our driveway is rather tricky and I am getting better at the challenge.  I do not look forward to the day that Roy has to drive in and out of our driveway.  We made it back to the hotel where I brushed my teeth and washed my face and fell asleep before 8:30 pm.

Tuesday morning we let the painter in early to begin his work.  Once we had that all settled in, we went back to the flooring company to return the samples and confirm our choices.  We had a free afternoon so we chose to go over to Waynesville.  Our first stop is usually Mast General Store.  Roy found a bunch of shirts and fleece vests on sale and I found a few things as well.  That is such a fun store.  Then we went over to the Hazelwood area to look in Robin Blu and check out the new bakery next door.  We didn't buy anything but made note for future purchases.  Since it was kind of past lunchtime we stopped in at a place right there in the area.  We waited for over thirty minutes for our order and when I asked our waiter, what took our food so long?  He said, our order took longer than most and then I asked in really a nice way, did you forget to put our order in?  He looked toward all the tables of people who came in after us and then looked at our order, egg salad, BBQ sandwich and salads, smirked and walked away.  Everyone around us had orders much more complicated than ours and believe me I kept in mind he might call security.  He didn't say anything when he brought us the check.  We tipped him well and we didn't do it to reinforce bad service, we did it so that we would not become angry and bitter.  The Bible says it is easy to love those who love us and therefore it might include it is easy to tip well when the service has been outstanding but when service is.....less than stellar and he watched us pray over our food, we were not going to be those kind of people and we chose to walk in love.  It wasn't easy I tells ya, but I am so glad we did.   We also stopped at a grocery store there to pick up a few supplies.  That was an eye opening experience and I just might blog about it one day.  We needed to get back to the house because we had a delivery coming and our realtor was coming out to give us our Air 2 Ipad that he usually gives you at closing.

Let me tell you the PB delivery was quite amusing.  I sat on the porch to watch for the guys because our house is kind of hard to find with the two address thing going on...anyway, they came and began bringing in the furniture.  We asked them if they could help us because we didn't have the correct tools to take apart the queen size bed that Kate gave us and they were willing to help.  I visited with Brian, realtor, who had shown up about the same time as Roy and the guys worked on putting our bed together upstairs...then came the furniture for the bonus room.  There was a little piece that had chipped off a side where no one would see it but Roy wanted it fixed.  So off to Lowe's to buy wood glue trying to drive as fast and safely as possible on narrow roads, in the dark....and be back in time to bid the guys a hearty fair thee well...because everything is always supposed to go so smoothly with these kind of plans...but no.  We returned to find all the nuts and bolts scattered and the pieces of the corner unit spread all over the floor....oh no nuts, that was it.  Could they put everything together and we could go get nuts and tighten everything up?  Roy said no.  How about keep all the pieces and schedule someone to come at another time to put it together.  OK.  Except that, there were two missing pieces.  This was only discovered as Jeff Foxworthy, Chris Rock and Bill Gates worked together.  Chris was good at getting the pieces together with the right slots but Jeff was better in understanding how the thing was to go together.  Bill Gates stood over them saying wait a minute, wait a minute.  Finally, Jeff called the dispatcher and he was told to look in the truck again.  He left to go do that while I tried to help Chris Rock with his smart phone...taking pictures of the pieces and messaging them to the dispatcher, only he didn't know how to do that.  So I am teaching him how to send pics via texting and he tells me about his dog named Killer.  Roy is over in the corner with the pieces trying to piece them together and trying Chris to get interested in putting things together.  Jeff comes in with one of the missing pieces and asks Chris to go out and get the other one.  Then Jeff realizes he only has instructions in Spanish to put this thing together.  I began reviewing in my head all I learned in high school Spanish.  I realized I could ask for the bread and butter to be passed and would he like to play a game of Chinese checkers.  Chris brings the rest up to the room and thus begins one of the funniest things I had ever seen.  Jeff is reading the instructions in Spanish and explaining them to Chris in English.  Bill is hovering over the whole process saying, this isn't right.  Jeff has to stop reading his Spanish instructions and tell Bill they are putting it together upside down on purpose.  Jeff is telling this to Bill Gates as he is on the floor holding up part of the table with his legs and pulling shelves in to the center of the piece with one hand and holding the Spanish instructions in the other.  Chris is doing just about the same thing holding up his part of the table with his back and once again Bill Gates stands overlooking the whole thing trying to give instructions.  I had to leave it was too comical for me.  I prayed for them and went downstairs.  It wasn't too much later Bill, I mean Roy, called for me to come up and inspect their work.  The finished product was beautiful.

Today, another early day to meet the contractor.  The painter came early as well.  Roy and I went to the flooring company paid our deposit and then went to the granite place.  I will write about that experience later as this has gone on too long.  Yep, tonight, sitting here on the couch in our room , I am thankful.  God is good!  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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