Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Ladder Wrestling and Other Interesting Tidbits...

Yesterday, a beautiful day to enjoy getting out and about, running errands that had been put off and taking care of a few last minute things.  Although we don't shop Eddie Bauer as much as we used to, they are still a go to place for cold weather clothes.  It is not that we are in need of any but some of our stuff is beginning to look a little ratty tatty.  Roy was in luck because he benefited the most of from that short trip.  While deciding between a few items and trying to give the job at hand my best focus, the clerks kept asking me if they could take what I was holding to the, because I haven't decided whether these things will be going home with me.  That attention was getting a tad annoying.  Did they think I was going to run out the door with stolen merchandise?  Or did they think if the shirts were by the register, one would be more inclined to buy?  At the end of the shopping excursion, good deals were had by all with everything 25% off and clearance and extra 30%.  When did plain old flannel shirts become so high priced?  $70.00 for a man's plaid shirt?  My next stop was Target where flannel shirts run about $25.00.

Last night Peggy, Dena and I met for dinner at Babin's.  We laughed and talked the early evening away and what better way to top off a night?  Why, I will be happy to answer that...go to Lowe's to pick up an 8' ladder and a pre-lit Christmas tree for Dena.  It amused me that such three different people yet alike in so many ways, can shop so together.  Add ADD to the mix for two.  I think my helpfulness with the tree ended when I saw the Provenzano tree and my mind drifted to that cute knee doctor that so many of us have seen.  So, I took a picture of the label.  Dena had done her research, Peggy inspected each tree declaring whether the artificial pines looked to be real or like a bottle brush.  I tried to help in whatever ways needed but I found myself watching the activities of tree buying.  Tree on cart, now on to ladders.  Dena needs a taller ladder for leaning purposes when changing a light bulb or batteries in a smoke detector.  I was more helpful with the ladder and loaded it onto the cart.  She also picked up a few lid locking storage containers as Roy mentioned to her Sunday night,  Just in case, it keeps the critters out if they find a way to get into an attic.  Nothing says Merry Christmas like finding a dead mouse in the tinsel.  Not that has ever happened to me because if it had...I would not be writing a blog post this morning.  We loaded up Sequisha and then took a scenic journey through Nottingham as I mistook Westgreen for Mason Road.  It's funny, the line of demarcation for me is 99 and when anyone suggests something is on Mason, I just dismiss it as too far.  The same goes for those on the other side of Mason...99 is too far.  We got the ladder, tree and Dena delivered safely to her home and then I dropped off Peggy and got back at a pretty good time for a school night.

We have house/Buddy sitters coming for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  With stuff set aside to take to NC, I don't think I will put out many Christmas decorations this year.  This morning I found a matching quilt and sham for the bedroom that we originally thought would be one twin bed, but we have now decided on two beds.  It will be interesting to rework the original plan we had but I am thankful we don't have to do a trundle in there.  This morning I have packed a lot of the linens etc on the floor underneath where the seats fold down.  We wasted that space when we brought things home this summer that honestly will be going back at sometime in the future.  It will be fun trying to figure out how much of everything I have packed so far will be able to make this first trip.  The process has come to a stopping point because of storage issues.  Once we get back, the process will begin again.

Packing clothes still hasn't been done although I pretty much know what I will be taking.  This trip will be clothes in the brown/beige fall colors.  It will be blacks, grays and reds for the Christmas trip. This helps with shoe packing although that is down to tennis shoes, brown boots and waterproof Ugg boots.  Well, those clothes aren't going to pack themselves!  Better get moving on that and finishing up Bible study homework.


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