Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wednesday Wonderings About Tuesday Wanderings

Good Morning from my usual place in the mornings, the fireplace in the library.  This has been a real treat to sit here and read and of course blog.  It is a quiet morning with a few voices and classical music as the background sound.

Yesterday, we took a laid back approach to the day.  Breakfast and then reading by the fireplace.  Well, reading for me.  Dena was updating her phone to a new system at work being the off site updater to learn what works and what hasn't been communicated.  After a few stops and starts I believe she is logged into the system and much has been learned for the full roll out.  My main reading has been a memoir, My Sisters The Saints.  A young woman's search and ultimate return to her faith through the words and guidance of long ago women saints of the Catholic Church.  I haven't know too much about these saints previously, but I have found their lives and their devotion to God inspiring.  The writer quotes many of them from their own writing from way, way back in the day and modern conveniences   no matter what century are a distraction to faith and focus.

Our first stop, Antique Tobacco Warehouse.  I could spend hours there but we didn't do that.  We did a walk through and each of us finding something small to bring home.  Then we drove to Weaverville and shopped at a quaint and cool shop, Sanctuary of Stuff.  A little more looking around the area and we headed back to the Inn because the Veranda had been calling out to us.  The artisan cheese plate and pizza was what's for dinner and I may have or didn't have a margarita to complete dinner.  It was a quiet evening with Dena reading in the lobby and doing some people watching and with me staying in the room since I was people watched out.  It was also an early to bed kind of night because we know today will be a full and busy one.

In the midst of beauty and fun my mind will turn to our drive in on Sunday with the vibrancy of the leaves against a background of white snow.   It full on became a reality that we owned a house in one of the most beautiful parts of the country.  I am not given to tears very often but a few tears formed in the corner of my eyes and the napkins from Wendy's did a fine job of mopping them up as we drove into the awe of the day.  These are the things and times that Roy and I never ever thought would be a reality or even possible.  First, building a house in Rancho De Five and now...a home among the rolling pasture land with the long range view of the mountains.  We have certainly been blessed.

One last thing before heading back to the room.  We had a little excitement on the way to Weaverville. The traffic on Hendersonville Road is horrendous!  Too many cars for too little of lanes.  As we maneuvered about the dense plenitude of cars and trucks, the experience of my outside mirror hitting another vehicle became a reality yesterday.  Another item to tick off the old bucket list.  An ambulance was over the line and in my lane at the light, but I thought there was plenty of passing room to get past, and as he turned and I moved forward the mirror hit his and made a loud noise which of course scared Dena something fierce.  I was a little braver because it wasn't on my side of the car.  We continued on only having to open the window and push back the mirror in place.  I blame my fall into the bathroom door at Mast on Monday for my right side's perception being just a little off.  And now that is what I must do, be a little off and get back to the room so Dena and I can go downstairs for a delicious breakfast.

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