Monday, November 3, 2014

First Morning Sunrise and Fire...Oh and Scrumptious Sighting

Please excuse all misspelled words.  Spell check is not working on blogger this morning.

The day has already begun well.  I watched the sunrise from our window, got a seat by the fireplace and just now got a hug and greeting from Scrumptious.  He is my friend in valet parking.  Oh my, it is true that the early bird gets the worm.  Dena is missing out.  The fire is roaring and the coffee hot.  There are new furnishings here in the library area and this opens up the fireplace to more people to enjoy.  Right now, I am the only one taking advantage of a warm fire on a 22 degree morning.

God went over and above yesterday in the sights we saw as we drove in.  We usually take the back roads into Asheville, but we were concerned with ice on the roads, so we stuck to the interstate.  We were graced with good traffic flow even with two places that can back up for miles, especially over the bridge they are expanding right outside of Knoxville.  The autumnal brightness of changing leaves made the usually dull interstate brilliant and inviting.  The red leaves are especially lovely.  As we crossed into North Carolina, the snow accumulation was significant.  This must have been the part of the interstate that was closed on Saturday.  We took advantage of the threat of ice on roads by getting a much later start than usual from Ooletwah where we spent the night so that by the time we came to this part of the journey, the temps would be above freezing.  I pulled out the orchestra CD from our church First Baptist and the music and the scenary could not have been better coordinated.  The brilliance of the snow on the mountains magnified the magnificance of autumn leaves just a little past their peak.  It was difficult to keep my eyes on the road because of the granduer and color.  We were a part of that time where the delight and wonder of the first snow mixed with the graceful beauty of trees slowing going to sleep for the winter combined and creation sings.  Dena was taking pictures and I am so thankful for that.  The snow was so deep at the NC Welcome Center that it was closed.  Snow accompanied us just about all the way to the Waynesville exit.  We had asked God to show us things we have never seen and He did exceedingly more than we could ask or think.

Today I get to meet Kate, the seller of our home.  She will be moved by the 14th but we are getting a set of keys and garage door opener today.  We decided yesterday to take a drive by the house before checking in at the Inn.  It is a beautiful drive with photo ops around every corner and curve.  All the fall decorations by homes and in the fields were so welcomed after our disappointing time in Pumpkin Center Louisiana.  We saw a few homes that Roy and I had considered and we also took a drive down by where the camels and bison live.  Two ladies driving by told us we could drive up the people who have the camels and bisons driveway, that the people were the nicest and didn't mind, but we thought we might need to get along our way and do this on another day.

It is time to refill my coffee cup and do a little reading.  Then I will go upstairs and Dena and I will go to the delicious Biltmore buffett with the delicious grits....ah, this is so nice.

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