Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!  It is an overcast day with light flurries of snow.  The temps are a little above freezing, so the snow isn't sticking to the roads.  For this we are thankful.  There are more here in the hotel than we thought for a holiday.  Roy was able to get the housekeeper to clean our room early, while we ate breakfast, so that we could come back here until we leave for Thanksgiving dinner.  Originally, we planned on going to the Biltmore for a late lunch at the Inn but when we found out last Sunday at that Turkey Creek Cafe was serving on Thanksgiving day, we decided to make a change in our plans.  I was more hesitant to change but by Monday morning I concurred and canceled Biltmore, yet at the same time confirming Christmas lunch reservations with them for next month.  Thus we will not have to dress up today.  After we eat, we are going over to the house for a few minutes and then get back here before the temps drop below freezing this evening.

We were talking this morning about what we need to wrap up on this trip and really this trip and what we thought would get accomplished is more like what we thought we could get done when we return at Christmas.  By next week we should know something on the pricing of the granite we picked out and some of the plumbing work.  That work can begin and hopefully with the painter finishing up on Dec 16th, the flooring guys can install everything and by the time we get here, all that preliminary work will be done.  At Christmas maybe we can work on buying mattresses and getting the kitchen stuff organized.   The house will be ready for us in March when we have some of our furniture from Houston moved here.  For all these things, we are thankful.

Our adventure in granite land was interesting yesterday.  Jonathan came and measured the counters and sent that over to Viktor's.   Then we came to go through the warehouse and write down any choices we were interested in.  Funny how you start out thinking one thing and come away doing something totally different from what you expected.  Our top choice was marble and thus not meant for kitchen wear and tear.  I even said that would be impossible but if anything other than water got on the marble, it's etched in with no possible way to repair or reseal.  I wasn't in love with our other two choices, so they sent us down to a supplier they get granite from, who has more of a choice but since today is Thanksgiving, the other place had closed early for the holidays.  We went back to Viktor's to walk through the warehouse to look at granite with new eyes.  This time Tammy was able to walk through with us and she was so helpful to talk us through color, consistency, and stuff like that.   As she explained and worked with us all the infinite knowledge of stone, we came to a totally different color choice than when we walked in the first time.  Our top two choices are a more consistent pattern that will work well if and when we refinish the cabinets.

We are back from lunch and a quick trip to the house.  Lunch was delicious.  Roy even tried one of my all time favorites, collard greens.  It snowed on us most of the way there and it snowed throughout lunch.  Not any of it was sticking but we kept tabs on the temperature.  Once we got to the house we measured a few walls and other places and transferred things out of the traveling storage containers into bigger ones that will remain at the house.  The snow started just about the time we were leaving to return to the hotel.

Thanksgiving has been a wonderful day.  Quiet and relaxing.  In the past there haven't been too many of those times but over the years Roy and I have carved out our own type of celebrations and observance of holidays.  I am sure the people at Bass Pro Shop are wondering why their bottom line isn't as good today as it has been in the past several years.  There aren't any Bass Pro Shops around us this year.

Roy has football on and we will watch LSU this evening too.  Tomorrow should be an easy going day wrapping up our trip, our first trip to our home.  It's also looking like a return trip for apples.

Happy Thanksgiving!  Thanks be to our God.

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