Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Pleasant But Rainy Sunday

Asheville and the surrounding areas today experienced steady rain throughout.  We woke up this morning to rain and fog and we came prepared.  This Holiday Inn is wonderful.  We got a great night's sleep and started the day off with a breakfast buffet.  Roy awoke early and thus we didn't have to be in a rush to leave the hotel to be on time for church.  Google Girl took us a different route and knowing this route will come in handy when I'm not feeling the winding mountain roads that I took this summer.  Vivian and Bill were waiting for us today and we got to meet Aunt Mary and many others.  What a joy!  After church we headed over to Turkey Creek Cafe and had the best lunch!  We have found so many here are just about the friendliest folk.  Our waitress is in nursing school, so we had a great conversation with her and learned so many things about this area.  I may or may not have volunteered Peggy to teach these young women line dancing when she comes this way.

We went to Lowe's but the granite people weren't in today.  They are supposed to call us tomorrow.  Since we were there we took advantage of getting a few things for the house and then took those things to the house.  I bravely backed into our driveway...note to self, buy reflectors to put near the edge where one might go off the edge and down a hill.  Not that I did that or came close to doing that but both Roy and I felt that would be safer for all involved.

We set Google Girl to Home Goods and we got ourselves into Galleria type traffic.  Roy couldn't believe we braved the elements to go there with the rest of Asheville.  One thing we have noticed here, when it is raining most people just walk in the rain sans umbrella or hoodie over their hair.   Since we were close by the Barnes and Noble, we made a quick stop in there before heading back to the Holiday Inn.  I find myself ensconced on the couch and Roy has called dibs on the TV and extra comforter.  Although he has gone to the fitness center downstairs for a bit.  I'm staying upstairs having a bite.

Since I know so many are wondering about the nose whistle saga, I will tell you that the night in Ooletwah my nose whistle played the beginning of the hymn Holy, Holy, Holy....I kid you not!  Last night the whistle woke me up but it wasn't as musical as the night before.  That throat whistle kicked in too but thankfully, it did not keep me awake, making music in my nose and throat.  Did David ever mention this in the Psalms?   If I can just train these whistle noises into bluegrass, I might have a career up here.

Tomorrow is a big appointment day.  That also means it is an early day...but so worth it to get things started on the house.  Good night from rainy Asheville and on Wednesday, I may be greeting you with a snow report.

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