Saturday, November 22, 2014

Just Chilling in the Ville

We finally arrived at our home at 2:00 this afternoon.  Can I tell you this, we are so excited and so blessed.  Roy unlocked the door and we went in and just took it all in, our home.  We walked through each room and looked around and it wasn't too long into the walk through that we began making plans for what will go where, what should be replaced and getting everything painted.  We then unloaded everything in the car whose destination was the house and walked about outside as well.  It was a breezy 55 and I knew when Roy was bundling up in a coat and I was content to wear my long sleeve Baylor black 'be the standard' t shirt that I knew I was totally in my element.

Our journey began yesterday morning at 4:15 am.  We had breakfast in Sulphur, Chicky in Chunky and spent way too much time in Tuscaloosa.  The fine folks of Alabama were working on one lane and the traffic backed up for miles and miles.  It took us an hour and a half to go 6.5 miles.  When we finally pulled in at 9:00 pm in Ooletwah, we were beat.  I was asleep in about no time at all.  It was nice not have to get too early of a start this morning and pulled out about 9:15.  We took our favorite way to Asheville and in some of the rocky areas along the road, there were still icicles frozen in place even though the temp was a balmy 43 degrees.  In just two weeks many places where the trees were fully leafed out in fall colors were today in their dormant leaves to be found on branches.  Of course we couldn't pass up Barber's Fruit Stand and by the looks of it neither could a lot of people.

After we left our home, we ran a couple of errands and then headed over to The Moose Cafe for a delicious dinner.  Then we checked in our hotel.  we aren't staying at The Biltmore this trip.  Roy reminded me that we could stay there or have extra money for furniture if we stayed somewhere else. I'll take more furniture for a 100 Alec  So, here we are.  Roy is ensconced watching Baylor beat OSU and I'm n the couch  blogging and watching the game too.

Our week ahead is full of fun and adventure.  Tomorrow morning we are going to church and then our first but probably not our last visit to Lowe's.

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