Friday, November 28, 2014

Unflagging Spirit

Our last night in Asheville...  We started the morning, the cold 24 degree morning with a stop at our house.  We had done our work yesterday afternoon and returned to get the final estimate from the painter and confirm a finish date so that the flooring can begin.  On our way to the house we received a text from the "organizer" we talked to on Monday and she wants $125.00 for consulting with us.  Uh, she did nothing except come up with plenty of ideas on how to spend our money.  If I knew she was charging us for our 'interview' with her, I would have asked her to leave way before she did.  She's a talker....  She also informed us her rate is $35.00 an her first check is her last check with us.  Come to find out we really don't need her with the way everything is working out and we also invested in a lock box for those who need access to our home.  After leaving our house, we went over to Weaverville and bought all the mattresses we will need for our house and they don't charge for delivery or set up.  We have delivery scheduled for our next visit.  We knew we wanted to go back to Barber Orchard for apples and some of the biggest sweet potatoes we have ever seen but we stopped at the cutest shop on a farm not too far from us.  The owner, Penny, has antiques and a lot of beautiful things.  She's also a painter.  The drive to her shop is beautiful!  Can't wait to bring friends there.  They also sell eggs, so I am happy to find a local egg supplier.  We then made our way, first to an ATM, to the apple orchard.  For our last real meal here, we ate at The Moose Cafe.

A sub plot to the day was our garage door at home wasn't working.  Roy was able to get a hold of the garage door company this morning and they were out to the house by the afternoon.  Got that problem resolved.  So for Black Friday we really did shop local both here and at home.  The wallet is hurting just a bit from this week.

On cue, we also received a distracting phone call on this trip and thankfully for the first time in a long time it was not from my father.  There should be a Chinese fortune cookie that says 'beware of phone calls from those you haven't heard from in a long time.'  I don't have a dog in this race and haven't had any say in the matter over the years but the caller mistakenly thinks I do. It's kind of funny and Roy and I were talking about this on our drives this morning, most people think that I make all the decisions and have sway over Roy...not true MaGoo.  I am stong willed and opinionated, but don't confuse that with his choices and decisions for us.  Some think they can intimidate and talk Roy into the way they want him to go....good luck with that.  

It looks like Roy is ready for us to finish up our packing for the trip home, so blogging time has come to an end.   Like last night, we have some good football games to keep us company.  Last night's LSU game was quite delightful and our spirits did not flag.  

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