Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Totally Fun Monday

Another comfort-filled morning by the fireplace.  It is not as quiet as yesterday morning because a couple are going through the newspaper and discussing current events.  This looks to be a routine and nothing saved for vacation.  I don't mind though because it is warm, the sunrise and sky are a beautiful golden and I am at my happy place.  We don't have a set schedule today, so we are easing into the day.  We might go to the Antique Tobacco Warehouse and then onto Weaverville for a little shopping.

Yesterday morning we met Kate to pick up keys and a garage door opener to our home.  She and I had never met but we had a great email relationship.   She is one of the kindest people and the three of us sat there and talked like we were lifelong friends.  Ironically, her office is just across the parking lot from our mortgage broker's office.  So Dena and I dropped in on Kent for a little visit.  All this time the seller was just a few steps away.  Love those little kind of surprises.

The cold temperatures affect tires and on our way Sunday we started our trip with the low pressure tire light on, but it soon went off.  Yesterday, the light was persistent, so after seeing Kate and Kent we stopped at a gas station and began the process of testing each tire.  Once again, God's kindness gave us a gentleman who asked if  he could do that for us since we probably looked rather comical.  We were on our way to Waynesville to stop at Mast General Store, Blue Ridge Books, Robin Blu and Barber's Fruit stand and Orchard.  Each stop was productive and we even caught the friends and family sale at Mast.  I also caught a face full of door there.  Mast is an general store with wooden floors that have little rises and uneven patterns.  Combine that with my unreliable sense of balance and the result is a flailing force of nature with long leg and boots bumbling and tumbling, no hurling toward a glass plate window.  The last thing to stop me was the open bathroom door.  I was so thankful that no one was in the bathroom because then the door would have been shut.  My right facial cheek, I want to be clear on which or what cheek, hit the door edge with a good amount of force and rearranged my glasses.  Thankfully, even with the noise of boots hitting the wooden floor and the slamming into the door, no one came over to see about me.  I was so embarrassed!  I got into the bathroom post haste.  It knocked me for a loop and I didn't feel like I had complete control of my facilities for an hour or so afterwards.   This morning no bruise, thankfully, but it is still sore.  I can't help but think of the Beatles song, 'She came into the bathroom window.'  I was almost part of the dyslexic Beatles and went out the bathroom window.

Dena was in country western music heaven last night with the top 15 CW songs that changed the world or something on being on TV.  I think my world changed on song 13 when I fell asleep.  For two friends who get along fabulously, who enjoy traveling together and going places together, we are total opposites on our choices of TV shows.  We find it quite funny and have had some good laughs over them.

Well, it is time for me to go back up to the room.  My blog post completed and I've totally been caught up on current events.  Thank you vacationing couple.

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