Thursday, January 14, 2016

A Houston Report

It is Tuesday out here on the prairie and I will be making my way into Houston for a doctor appointment a little later. I can see a few birds in and out through the trees but not big pop of red like I am used to seeing. The mockingbirds are always fun to watch.

I saw something last night that I thought I would never ever see in my lifetime. Roy wanted Alabama to win the national championship. Roy the man who wears the t-shirt that says imagine a world without Alabama. We had dinner over at Bill and Peggy's and watched the game and the rest of us kind of felt Alabama would win but we were rooting for Clemson. Roy's reasoning was not for the SEC to represent but rather he thinks if Saban wins the game, he will move onto the NFL. I mean really, who is this man? I don't think Saban will leave to go to the NFL, did that once and it wasn't good. Other than being in disbelief over Roy's choice of team, we had a great time with good friends. Jaimie and Keely came by to say hello and watch a bit of the game.

The guest room closet has been cleaned out and I will tackle the next big project, the casita bedroom.

It is now Thursday and as for me and my house, we are exhausted! Well, I'm exhausted but it is the good kind. As you can tell by my lack of writing, I have been a tad busy these past few days. Getting everything that needs to be done and friends who I want to see, there has been little wiggle room for writing. On Tuesday I made it in to the Dr appointment and thanks be to our God, all my blood work was awesome and some of the lowest numbers. Everyone is happy with the results and it just confirms that moving to NC was a great decision for my health. Got everything sent in to the cardiologist and they are very happy with me too. After the appointment I headed over to First Baptist to meet CourtneyS for lunch. Ran into John and Paige while there as well. Lunch was at Colina's and I got the greaca pizza. Yum! I ran a few errands after dropping off CourtneyS. I had a few minutes to grab a nap. I hardly ever nap anymore. Then I picked up Peggy and we met Dena, Lisa P and CourtneyS for dinner. Not just any dinner but the cheese enchiladas dinner I have been craving. I was not disappointed. We laughed and told stories and remembered so many good times we have all had together. It was very, very fun.

Wednesday, I met Laurie for lunch at The Nord. Nordstrom has changed quite a bit with their personnel and attitude. The bistro which is now some other name did not disappoint. Laurie and I had a great time catching up with each other and then I drove over to Whole Earth Provision to see what Flax clothing they had on sale. Found a couple of things. I drove back to Katy, made a stop at Whole Foods for some oils that the Whole Foods in Asheville doesn't carry and then made a Target run. At first I thought I would be able to see if I could sneak back into the land of minivans unannounced. I was almost successful but then they heard I was back in town. I texted Emily to see if she was home and I dropped in for a bit and then headed home. Roy was already home and so we ate a quick dinner and I was off driving in for choir practice at First Baptist. Such great fun seeing friends and also participating in the rehearsal. Bonus got to sit next to Lisa P. Came on home and morning came quickly. I had planned on going to the core group portion of Bible study but decided time would be best used getting all the info from one doctor to another. OK, I was moving kind of slow too. I went to teaching time and heard the wonderful and beautiful Linita and then had lunch with friends at Lupe's Tortilla. After lunch it was to Academy and home and once I rest a bit, I will work on another project. The time is going by so quickly and it has been such a wonderful visit but I am anxious to return back to the mountains, friends and church.

So, here I am drinking a Sonic Diet Cherry Diet Coke knowing I should start some laundry but I think a few more minutes of rest might be in order.

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