Wednesday, January 27, 2016


It is a lovely overcast Wednesday morning here in Rancho de Five. The morning is even more beautiful because I got the most restful sleep since returning on Friday from Lafayette last night. I decided to start out on the couch because it is not fair to Roy for all my tossing and turning...well, the way I am moving tossing and turning wouldn't be correct...anyway, I wanted to be thoughtful of his time and rest. He comes home from the office and steps into caregiver role. He does it so well, but I don't want to burden him. I fell asleep around 10:00 and woke up to watch some Seinfeld from 11:15 till midnight. Went back to sleep till 3:00 and then walkered it to bed and slept till 7:00. Disjointed but it worked. I can ease into the morning and I am taking full advantage of that.

A week ago today I was just coming out of surgery and I only know this after being told. I was not awake...  Yesterday, was probably my hardest day since the autumble on Monday. Yes, I have found a variation of use for one of my very favorite words, autumnal. The day began early. Although my hip does not hurt, the muscles connected to it on my backside can start aching. Truly then I am a pain in the butt. I felt like I might be fighting something other than recovering in my body. I was tired, listless and pooped out at parties...shout out to I Love Lucy.... I feel swollen and bloated all over. Any kind of movement zapped me of energy. So what does one do when it hurts to read or write, you watch the American Hero Chanel. It was a riveting afternoon of watching about the body guards of H^t(er. Then when I just couldn't take anymore watching about the depravity of man and propaganda, it was time to turn over and watch The Andy Griffith Show. My friends tease me that my now religious watching of the show is my way of being in NC. Hmmm...maybe but Andy and the group were supposedly located in the Piedmont area of the state, not the mountains. Although the Darlings came out of the mountains as well as Ernest T Bass. I think I am watching the show with new eyes after reading the book about Andy and Don Knott's friendship throughout the years. You get all the gossip of behind the scenes. Andy and Ms Krump were having an affair while she was on the show.

Roy fixed up a wonderful spot for me. In the room formally known as the dining room but casually we called and used it as the reading room, he put an Amish recliner and ottoman out of his study and put it facing the windows. He added a small side table and lamp. He took my book bags and such and arranged them for me to get to easily.  The birds hang out by these windows and although the birds aren't as colorful or as varied as the ones in NC, I am enjoying them just the same. I think I am seeing a fifth generation of mockingbirds who build their nests in our front trees. I thought I noticed a Carolina Wren stopping by from time to time and I was right! Yes!

I'm enjoying all the Blue Grass music on the Appalachian Americans FB page. Love, love, love Blue Grass. I have loved it since I was a little girl, which was a long, long time ago. I have it playing in the background and the music is being accompanied by the sound of mowers and edgers out on the green space by the house.

Since we have temporarily taken our home off the market, we have been deluged with calls from other agents and realty firms wanting to list our house, assuming, we were not happy with our agent. Nothing could be further from the truth but recovery from a broken hip doesn't mesh too well with our decor. Agent: "see how spacious the bathroom is, with a five by five walk in shower, separate vanities and look, even a potty chair fits nicely over the commode."Uh, no.  Since we didn't know the numbers on the Caller ID and since we are waiting on calls from PT, we had to answer. Roy is firm but polite and hangs up. I on the other hand am looking for amusement, so I have fun with them. My favorite is when I answer in my old lady voice that I developed after hearing my crazy friend Debbie's grandmother talk. My second favorite "bit" is to keep them on the phone by talking about a never ending story about my recent fall and recover. These people cannot wait to get off the phone with me. I can feel the tension especially when I describe how my foot hung to the right and could not be moved into a straight position for nothing or no one.

Well, I suppose I should go comb my hair and clean up a bit. Emily is coming over with lunch from Zoe's today.

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