Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Just A Tuesday Warm Up

I greet you from the land of 19 degrees and with a warning from local authorities to be careful out there on the roads because black ice has been reported all throughout the area. Black ice is ice you cannot see and when you are in the middle of it the chance of crashing into something or over something is rather high. This flat lander is going to stay home until the temps get above freezing. I never made it out yesterday and I have some errands that really need to be taken care of.

Yesterday was Lisa P and Peggy's birthday. It was such fun seeing the pics of their special day. Lisa is on her way today to sing with her friend Julio at Ronnie Floyd's prayer conference today in Atlanta. Peggy ate lamb chops at Perry's last night and I forgive her for eating a cute little lamb. I will get to celebrate these friends in person very soon. It has been in the recent days that I have thought of these two friends in particular with their birthdays drawing near. Back again with a reference of remembrance from our Sunday School lesson, I treasure the time and seasons of friendship that God has blessed me with throughout the years. He has certainly been faithful in living a new adventure in the mountains with adding and blessing me with friends here. If there is a theme that has been woven into a tapestry in my life after I came to know Him that glorifies Him, that theme would be friendship. I will always be thankful for friends that are fun, thoughtful, thought provoking, steadfast, true and honest. We walk together through tough times and laugh together no matter what season of life we find ourselves in. I especially notice the friendships of people around here. Many of them have known each other practically their whole lives, verses the mobility of living in a huge city where people come and go because that is what life dictates. Thankfully, we get to experience some of the longevity at church. There are so many friends from First Baptist Houston that we have all done life together good and bad, painful and joyful that would be somewhat like knowing people for practically all their lives.

The temps is up to 21. Slowly but surely. Yesterday when I went down to the road to pick up the trash can, my face nearly froze from the bitter winds blowing through. I was happy to get back into the warm confines of home. I could barely get anything done yesterday because of the spectacular display of birds in the backyard. Seriously, at times there were six to eight cardinals just hanging out at the feeder. The red headed woodpecker was back and the usual cast of Carolina wrens and finches, tit mouse, towhees, mockingbirds, house finches and various sparrows kept me entertained as well. Buddy enjoyed the display too but I would hazard to guess for different reasons.

Since the sun rises later now I always think it is the dead of night when the phone rings and this morning was no different. Roy was calling and I start freaking out on the inside because I think it is 3:00 am but alas it was 7:30.  He had been doing some checking into our FSA and my visit to the ER has blown through most of that already for the new year. I told him that it was worth the money to prove there was a brain inside this head.

I threw caution to the wind and did errands before the temps hit above freezing. I texted Vivian for a review of the potential trouble spots and proceeded with caution. Got the errands run and got back to finish up a few loose ends. I also got in a phone call to wish Peggy Happy Birthday. I didn't forget her day I just forgot to call....she was subbing this morning so I waited till the early afternoon.

Guess I had better look into fixing myself some supper. Thinking about defrosting some taco soup.

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