Saturday, January 2, 2016

Elking Out a Pic and One Word 2016

Another picture of the view I never tire of

The tree/shrub looks like a stick shadow of the elk. That looks pretty neat.

Happy New Year! Almost every year I write on the first day but 2016, it just didn't happen. We were getting a lot of errands run and then football consumed most of our it is January 2nd.

Tonight after going out to dinner and running by the Fresh Market we drove close by to our home to see the camels, bison and elk. The elk were the closest they have been in quite some time. I do a drive by several times a week. For a lovely backdrop God provided a beautiful sunset for us.

This morning we had breakfast at Turkey Creek and it was delicious. Then we ran an errand to the Biltmore for a friend and stopped for the briefest of moments at The Screen Door. We did a quick walk through and bought a couple of prints that Roy liked. Our next stop was Mr. Zippy's for a truck wash and then to Lowe's for mulch. We are just so fun. Roy worked on putting out the mulch in several spots where erosion had set in from the wind and the rain. While he was doing that I finished arranging all the Christmas stuff in the garage and getting things put away. We retired to the front porch and as long as we sat in the sun, it was down right nice.

Yesterday after a traditional southern New Year Day lunch, we drove up to Madison County. It is so beautiful. Many a time when I have decisions or something is bothering me, I drive up that way and talk with the Lord. It is easier to pay attention with scenery that is so beautiful.

For the past four years I have participated in the One Word for your year. 2015 my word was playful. Even with this fun-loving personality, sometimes I forget that being playful is just as important and many times more important than taking everything so seriously or so hard. Attitude is winning the biggest part of the battle. I have known what my word for 2016 has been since the summer. My One Word is Full or ful. This way I can add to it like playful, grateful, mindful, prayerful...  I don't make resolutions because I can't keep them and then I forget what they were and most probably they were the same resolutions I had made since 1974. This keeps me focused and my heart open to be transformed by the Lord. There is many a day after reading a bunch of FB posts, I want to write some scathing post on something that has me a bit riled....but being full or ful with the kindness of God stops me from writing rather insightful jabs but that is just what they would be jabs...that amuse me but will hurt someone else. I can hear my therapist from days of old asking me do you want to give energy to that. Sometimes my answer was yes because it amuses me but she was really trying to remind me that now I only have so much energy and how am I going to use it.

So that is it on this day January 2nd.....

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