Sunday, January 10, 2016

Because, You Know, I Am So Spiritual

Good Morning from Rancho de Five! Roy has gone to church and I am sticking around here relaxing. The best made plans of arriving in Houston not so travel weary and tired sadly did not work due to the State of Texas not cooperating with those best made plans by closing down a major freeway...I 10 which spans the country from coast to coast. Everything on the road came to a halt at the San Jancinto River. It was a good thing I had stopped at Buc-ees. The Toyota GPS suggested an alternate route to just sitting on a freeway, so when I had the chance I moved over to far right lane and waited for the next exit over the river but through no woods to take. I also called my friend Dena who knows all the back roads, highways and by ways of Baytown and East Houston. Shocked that she hadn't personally traveled the road Toyota Girl, I need to name her, was showing she made good guesses of where I was. So as good friends are wont to do, she stayed on the phone with me while driving on crater filled pot holes and lots and lots of dirt cover road signs and past pipe storage yards and the like. I think I was in Channelview. The route took me under Beltway 8 where I now know where couches go to die because the road was lined with them, like a crowd standing along a parade route. Then came a sharp left turn which had me thinking I was on the ramp to I 10 but it was only to the frontage road with the ramp clearly ahead. Yehaw! It was clear sailing once again. There was the normal Houston traffic but I was zipping in and out around cars and trucks like I hadn't been gone one day. We had thought ahead and ordered an EZ Tag when the NC license plate arrived, so I was able to use the HOV for a bit.

It was good to see Rancho de Five and everyone had done such a good job keeping me informed of all the building and growth. Gee whiz! There are a million new strip centers and the promised upscale shopping center, doesn't look like it is really filled with upscale stores. There is a math tutoring center, probably a dentist office because I believe it is in the Cinco Ranch charter that a dentist, nail salon, Chinese restaurant and donut shop has to be on each and every corner of the land. Lot of apartments now gracing the area and the beginnings of a brand new Kroger.

It was so good to be greeted at the door by Roy. It was kind of strange coming into the house that we built in 2011 and it only be half full because a lot of stuff went up to the Ander House. He had all the Diet Cokes anyone would ever want chilling in the refrigerator for me. I was fighting off the tireds and really didn't want to take a nap so we dropped off a couple of things at Dena's and then Roy and I went for Chinese at T Jin's. I have thought about the orange chicken sauce a little more than I should have these past few months but not as much as I have thought about Tex Mex cheese enchiladas. Then being the exciting trendy couple that we are, Roy and I went to the new Kroger's,this is not the previously referred to Kroger, to pick up a few things that I like to eat, like butter, that Roy doesn't normally keep in the house. Once again our grocery cart was filled with stuff than any college student would enjoy eating. We enjoyed a quiet evening with me cleaning out a closet and Roy yelling at the TV while watching football. Ah yes, home sweet home. I finally succumbed to the sleepies and it didn't take long to drift off into the sleep zone. I think I only woke up once in the night. That's a record.

This coming week is full of doctor and dentist appointments and lunches with friends. I need to fit in working around here, going through things once again to discard, give away or keep. It is a good thing I didn't pack all the warm clothes for NC because it is downright chilly here the next few days. So I have some warmer things to choose from beside what I brought...which was way too much.

Buddy is getting the royal treatment from Bill and Vivian. I am so thankful for that because I am not worrying about Buddy while here. Maybe the only thing I need to worry about is Buddy bonding with Bill and she won't want to live with me anymore. Bill is a cat whisperer.

Well. breakfast isn't going to fix itself so I better get moving. Thankful for a safe trip here, for Cracker Barrels and for the fine folks at Holiday Inn Express. It all made for a delightful trip and because you expect a deeply spiritual closing for this post today, I am thankful for TXDot and their fine sense of planning as there were several major road closures over the weekend making traversing around the city a royal pain and I am writing this because we are to give thanks in everything. Yuck, that didn't taste very good saying that.

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