Monday, January 4, 2016

A Wintry Monday

I drove by to see the elks on my way home this afternoon. The king and his harem were resting and they were up close to the fence. Such beautiful and majestic animals. This morning all the grass, vegetation and trees were frosted over giving the view a white, silver hue. Add some gray smoke curling out of chimneys announcing it had been a cold night. A quick glance out the back window this morning showed the birdbath frozen solid. Yep, the temps have returned and was it just last Sunday that the temps were in the 70's?

Yet another attack by a minivan driver at the airport. Really? The drop off zone is crowded with people exiting cars and saying goodbye to loved ones. So, as I ready to get back into the main stream of traffic, it suddenly comes to a complete stop because Cleatis. Jean Bertha and Heather decide to get out of the van, in the middle of the cross walk, in the middle of moving cars and trucks. Heather storms out of the van with both middle fingers raised in salute as she turns and looks back toward the van. Cleatis and Jean Bertha can't get the door to slide shut and maybe if he would put out the ciggie, he would be more successful. Jean Bertha seems to walk in tiny steps in a deep, deep haze and unsure of where she might be. Heather rejoins the slack jaw yokels and they discuss the recent drop in oil and gas prices...I have no idea what they said but I wouldn't be surprised if every other word had been a cuss word, but the cars are stacking up behind me with the cop at the other end near the entrance to the drive up looking all official with his clipboard. Finally these three walk away from the minivan, not even toward the airport but toward a parking garage. The driver of the minivan finally decides to move the bus and approaches the stop sign with the surest sense that stop means stop for a long, long time. Thankfully, I was in the lane next to them but glancing back he was just then approaching to make a turn. Oh my goodness! Thankful to get back on the road to North Carolina.

It is now Monday and there is a calm and still to the morning on a day where there is much to be done. The yellows and pinks of sunrise topped the mountains so beautifully today. The birds are feeding and waiting for the birdbath to thaw. After watching the young and older cardinals fighting at the feeder, I added another feeder close by the new stairs and there has been peace among the birds.

On Sunday evenings we are studying Mark Batterson's book The Grave Robber, about the seven miracles in John. He has always been one of my favorite authors. Some of the study was filmed in Israel and it was fun seeing places I have been....and truthfully, happier to be on this side of the screen than actually being there. Thanks, but I am waiting for the New Jerusalem. Then we had choir afterwards. Good choir practice and so fun to be back. Yesterday in Sunday School, Gale did a mini version of the Passover meal with the emphasis on remembering. God used all these everyday things for them to remember when and how He delivered them from Egypt. We went on to discuss what can remind us and give us pause to remember. Last night in choir was one of those times for me because when I heard the song as we worked on it, I remembered the choir sang it on the first Sunday I visited. I shared this with the group last night and told them how I was so moved and impressed by the music this smaller than I was used to choir was making. It was a huge factor in getting my heart and life moving in the right direction to look in this area for a home and I also knew God had led me to the right church for us. While driving home I thanked God for the remembrance of how He led us each step of the way here and it was also a good reminder that we made a few mistakes along the way but God smoothed out the way. Still so thankful for the family that outbid us on the home on Balsam Mountain...for many, many reasons.

Ray's weather, the definitive weather reporting on these here mountains, is reporting snow flurries in south Asheville. I saw last night that there might be snow flurries on the mountains bordering TN and NC. I have a couple of errands to run but I will keep my eyes on the skies. At least the temp is up to 31.

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