Monday, January 11, 2016

A Monday On the Prairie

In the distance I hear a familiar sound, school buses making their appointed rounds to pick up eager...uh make that students for school. The people who live behind us still make a lot of noise in on their patio in the middle of the night...thankful for consistency. I'm remembering the rhythm of life once again out here on the prairie. I have the first of several doctor appointments this morning and for a relatively close office visit here I will have to leave forty five minutes to an hour to be on time. I also will have my first real experience of parking SequishShaun in narrow parking spaces, in a covered garage. Thankful that I don't have to go to the medical center for any appointments this trip. Although I valet park there.

I watched online church yesterday morning and to see Lisa P and CourtneyS leading on the praise team did my heart good. Even heard Lisa's special, so blessed by her voice but so blessed to call her friend. I watched just enough of the sermon intro to learn next Sunday the sermon topic is dealing with Internet Porn addiction. Yes, there are many who deal with this addiction but not me so maybe I will bring a book to read up there in the balcony or maybe I should listen just in case I ever run into anyone struggling with that. Also, I learned from Dena that Carole Lewis is teaching in Dayspring next Sunday...I might need to stay to hear her. Such a gifted communicator and teacher.

Yesterday afternoon Dena picked me up and took me on the tour of her new life adventure. It was a long drive to parts of the Houston area I have never even been around, so I would feel so lost if I had to try to find her new home without GPS and then I don't know if that would help. She also drove by her work campus that is huge and beautiful before traveling a few more miles out to where her home is being built. It is framed in so you can really tell how the rooms are laid out. It looks like it will be such a beautiful home and hearing all her thought filled decisions for it makes me anxious to see how it will all look upon completion. While we were there she met some of her neighbors. Our next stop on Dena's new life adventure was to a new location of an old favorite, Lupe's Tortilla. Best beef fajitas bar none. Then we made our happy trek back to Rancho de Five.

Yesterday was somewhat productive in working here at the house. We got some little things taken care of and after my dentist appointment this afternoon I will resume the tasks at hand.

Well, it is now the afternoon and there has been a slight change of plans. The knee injections went really well and while I was there the dentist office called to see if we could reschedule my appointment. Nothing was working out and the Dr was waiting on my conversation to wrap up, so I just left it at this doesn't seem to be working. While running some errands since now I had some time the dentist office called back and gave me a little more information about the cancellation. My dentist and friend had sold her practice, she is retiring from active dentistry except she will now be teaching at the University of Texas dental school here in Houston. While she tried once again to schedule me in this week I decided it was best to go ahead and find a dentist in the Asheville area. So, I will be looking for one when I get back. I think I have the beginnings of a cavity or something, so it will be sooner than later. I am so happy for my dentist and friend. I have known her since high school. We went to the same church and we played softball on a church team. She with an enormous quest to learn and one of the smartest people I have ever met.

So I went to Home Goods and did some damage as well as Hobby Lobby. Since I know there is stuff here that really needs to be done, I came on home but did make a Shipley stop to get a donut...yes, the day before the next doctor appointment. It had to be done.

Well my bit of rest is over so it is back to work cleaning out the guest room closet.

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