Sunday, January 31, 2016

What A Difference A Week Makes

What a difference a week makes in recovery. Just one week ago I was hardly able to do much beyond pulling on some warm up pants and putting on a t shirt. No socks or shoes...the long ordeal of putting on all the lotions and creams for my knees and feet as well as changing the bandage on the incision daily, plus not only changing it but applying hydrogen peroxide on it before wrapping it all back up seemed like a several hour affair. I took a long look at all those staples today...I am already praying and plan on loading up Wednesday on pain pills to get through the whole office supply process of staple removal. This morning I took a shower, washed my hair in the shower, got dressed, applied lotion and bandage, got my socks and shoes on and after such a huge accomplishment I sang a song to myself, "I'm a big girl now!" Then I watched cartoons...Bugs Bunny Classic cartoons. I love them! I did all of this while Roy was at Bible study, then getting a hair cut and doing a few errands. I'm tired but so very happy that progress is being made.

Roy has been home and now he is off once again going to the grocery store, cleaners, CVS, and Katy Christian Ministries. Once he gets everything settled around here, he plans to ride his trek and I think he deserves a long, good ride while the weather is perfect for such a thing.He has been such a good caregiver and he is so patient but most of all he is so wise on many of the major things. Now on some of the smaller stuff...well, let's say we agree to disagree.

I have been making notes but not really journaling thoughts about everything since January 18th. The observations have been noted though. I think life is much more fragile here than in NC. You would think that might just be the opposite. There is less margin here, there is little time unless you decide to make the time to do things or not do things. Reputations and perceived disruptions to ego run on a thin edge here and it is veiled too often as ministry or work to knock someone down or ignore. Seems that things here are quick to go to periscope from church staffs and let it be yet another teachable moment that can come via social media and without a personal touch. I have enjoyed being away from practiced people and teachable moment people. Sometimes, you just need a laugh or a break or someone to listen; you don't need someone telling you how they have perfected life in church, family and in personal things, most often this is men telling you all these things. Women on periscope are more likely to share. While I have learned much from have a purpose or big dream preachers, somewhere we have lost the thought that every moment in life doesn't have to be the big moment. It doesn't have to be a moment that has been so rehearsed and practiced, nor does it necessarily have to be a teachable moment. I will take back with me the kindness that has been extended to us from friends who know what it means not to have to think about a meal because it is just an additional one more thing. I will long remember these days when laughter was the medicine and when encouragement came heartfelt from friends that are more far than near as in keeping in touch with on a regular basis. Carol Kelly has spoken volumes to me as she has encouraged me on FB. This morning Diane Wells called and encouraged us as well as having a few good laughs. These are women who have or are going through some thing...

Now on this Sunday morning as Roy has gone to church and I am reading and praying, these quiet moments are welcomed. I won't have as long to ease into the morning because when Roy gets home from church, we are going on a field trip. Yesterday, Dena drove SequishShaun and took us out for a late lunch. We went to Red River BBQ and had fried shrimp and onion rings. For dessert we stopped at Bahama Bucks and got shaved ice treats and took one home to Roy. Neither one of us had ever had one of these from BB.  Then we came back here and the three of us visited and had a few good laughs. It is exciting to hear about all of Dena's new adventures and her upcoming big move to the north side of town.

Inez sent me the Madison County newspaper with an article about an event that happened during the  War of Northern Aggression (I momentarily forgot how to spell Civil). She has promised to take me to the area where all this took place. Oh my, I was so happy to see that envelope in the stack of mail Roy brought in.

It is almost time for me to begin my morning grooming.  Happy Sunday Y'all!

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