Saturday, January 16, 2016

Hair, Projects, Friends and Mountains

Balayage, which is also called “hair painting,” creates the most natural-looking results because the colorist paints on the highlights by hand, and can scatter them throughout your hair in a more truly “sunkissed” and haphazard pattern. “When using foils, you work row by row, which makes the highlight pattern look very linear and grid-like. With balayage, you have more flexibility on where you want to place the highlights so the resulting pattern can look more natural,” says Tripodi.
The “painting” of the hair also creates a more natural-looking color. “With balayage, I start painting the color on at midshaft which is where the sun naturally hits your hair the most. Then, I gently paint up to the roots, which makes the growth at the scalp look more gradual. When you use foils, the entire section is coated evenly with color, then wrapped up in the foil, and the heat from the foil makes that piece uniform in color from roots to tips. Also, because you work in rows, the demarcation at the roots [when it grows out] looks like a straight line,”

I got to see Stevie yesterday, she is good for the soul and for the hair. She loved how Christine has shaped and layered my hair, so she continued with what Christine is doing and that included balayage hair process. I love it so much more than the foil technique and love the natural way the color is interwoven with the base color. Also, with the painting process I can stop wearing old t shirts for those appointments that involve color. Stevie and I got caught up with each other and had a great time. I miss having these kind of hair appointments because at Emmanuel, which means God with us, you can never have a bad haircut, cause God is with us there. 

Roy and I did the old thing by going to Costco last night. We even got there a little early yet it was filled with people. Somewhat ironic is that Hannah who washed my hair at Emmanuel asked if we had big plans for the weekend...uh no, I hope not. So there in the middle of Costco we run into our friend Paula, who ironically with her ex-husband and another couple were our weekend party buddies when we were in our early 30's. And back then, why yes, we did have big plans for the weekend. While we visited with Paula a few brief minutes we laughed that it had come to this, we find each other at Costco on a Friday night, our carts filled with organic foods, snacks and cleaning products. Yep, we got old. 

We have someone coming to look at the house this afternoon and when we got home we finished up some of the smaller projects we had begun last weekend. Chris came this week, so the house is clean. As I have washed clothes they have made their way back to the suitcase and I even worked a little on getting things packed last night. This week has gone by so quickly but I have so enjoyed it. I've been able to help Roy with some things, see lots of friends, and eat at the places I have missed. After lunch on Thursday with friends from Bible study Peggy said, it has been fun seeing each other several times a week just like we are likely to do. I enjoyed last Sunday afternoon with Dena, seeing her whole new adventures in life. Hanging around with Lisa P and CourtneyS...always a joyful, rocking good time and catching up with Emily...very nice. But once again I will go all John Muir and say, the mountains are calling and I must go. 

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FitzandMolly said...

"The mountains are calling, and I must go." I feel the same way about the Texas hill country. If I don't see you tomorrow, I've loved getting to see you and hug your neck (even though we don't hug), and say Teen Girl Squad things to each other. Love you!