Saturday, January 30, 2016

Easy To Entertain and Amuse

I love how God surprises us with good things when we least expect it. Today was one of those days. Sometime in the middle of the night one of those thoughts sneaked past me, you know the kind that potentially can drain you of hope. It could be one of those kinds of things where the seed is planted and you didn't realize it but thankfully, I knew where the thought was coming from, so I returned it to sender by the way of giving it to God. And honestly, I was less than enthusiastic about having an early PT. Which reminds me I have not shared the ordeal we went through on Saturday with the nurse assessment. That situation did not lend itself to a stellar attitude toward this home health care company. There were those times I wanted to strongly suggest to Roy we turn our attention to another provider yet I could never bring myself to say anything. This morning once again I am glad I didn't respond so quickly because this morning the PT guy arrived bringing with him his Eastern Tennessee accent. As he was filling me in on some details I could only listen to his accent complete with a little twang and finally had to ask him if he was from ET or WNC. I knew exactly where he had lived and for that moment here on the prairie I felt I was on the mountain. He has found love here and is engaged but he misses the mountains and he knew exactly how I felt as I shared with him my inspiration to get back as quickly as it was safely to do so. The appointment I dreaded turned out to be joy in the morning. Any little setbacks I sense from time to time melted away this morning that the hard work will be worth it all.

I wrote that on Thursday and now it is Saturday morning. It is foggy out here on the prairie and it is making me feel right at home. Roy made coffee this morning and he went out and bought me a couple of donuts as a surprise before he headed on out to Bible study. It is quiet and only a few birds are hanging out on the fence. I just now moved over to the study because I spent the early morning hours in the chair Roy set up for me to watch the birds.

Wednesday afternoon Peggy drove me to the doctor office. I felt as if I might have an infection and the hospital had recommended anyway to check in with my GP. We realized Peggy would need to drive SequishShawn because it might have been nearly impossible for me to get out of her car without experiencing a lot of pain. After the doctor we headed over to Escalante's for lunch. I love their salsa and spinach enchilada with roasted corn sauce lunch plate. As per our custom of living the life of ADD, our conversations were all over the place, some left unfinished and some revisited because we got off on a bunny trail. I returned home exhausted but full of joy.

Yesterday Lisa P came over and spent the day with me. She brought lunch...yum...and we watched old movies. We kind of decided on Mildred Pierce and we found similar themes with The Bad Seed and Imitation of Life. Music and lighting in this black and white standard film noir is excellent and adds to the telling of the story. Becky S from CBS Bible study stopped in with dinner for us. Yummy and spicy tamales from the valley. I guess the Lord really knew how much I have longed for and wanted Mexican food in North Carolina. Our table and refrigerator overflowth and for this we are so grateful.

I have always been able to amuse or entertain myself since being a child. Everything can and will be turned into something playful when it is truly meant for a serious purpose. Right now I am wondering what I should do with extra Depends we have acquired. I am sure I can find something festive to make with them. The number of realtors calling since we had to unlist our home diminishes day by day. But thankfully, a telemarketer calls every once in a while. I had fun with one yesterday as I believed he was a former boyfriend and of course I imagined we had had a bad breakup. I can fake cry and sob at the drop of a hat and that talent went straight into gear. Call me and tell me my extended warranty on a car we no longer own is seriously in peril.

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