Thursday, December 31, 2015

Nite Nite 2015

Well, here it is the last evening of 2015. No fanfare here for us. Roy is watching football and I have been reading. I think this is our first ever New Year's Eve in North Carolina. We usually head toward Texas a day or two after Christmas. The new year will arrive to colder weather which is least by me.

We eased into the day this morning since Roy changed his mind and decided not to go back to Optix for another adjustment on his new glasses. So I ate breakfast this morning watching the bright red streaks of color maneuver the feeder and trees. Even the duller color of the female is a beautiful flash of color. Around the feeder and in the trees the cardinals ate and kept watch and it seemed that there were about five of them today along with the regulars that whip in and out of the yard for free grub. We have added another feeder by the driveway.

Because the vet, that I don't plan to go back go figure, told me that we needed a different pet carrier for Buddy, we went to Pet Smart to see what we could find. But before that errand we stopped in at Cheddar's for lunch. Roy usually nixes Cheddar's but recently I had lunch there with friends and it was really good. So, he was willing to give them another chance and Cheddar's is back in the rotation of restaurants. Feeling full and happy we went to Pet's Smart and found what we were looking for. We also stopped at the Family Christian Bookstore for a brief moment. Too much Jesus Junk for my taste. Since we were nearby, we stopped at Office Depot or Max and picked up a file folder and a two pack of narrow lined paper. We were so close to Target we stopped in for a few things and then we headed home. After being home bound yesterday waiting on what we believe to be a nonexistent inspector, we took off toward Big Sandy Mush and Roy took some pictures for me. I am in love with white clapboard churches. I recognized the road we were on as the road to the Appalachian broom maker and told Roy his eyes were in for a treat. Oh,my, the barns and cows...the horses and tractors. We were treated to some of the most beautiful sights today. Made a note to drive that road next fall when the leaves have turned and the show begins. We both lamented that we had come up here for so many years and had never discovered these back roads. The clouds were rolling in and we needed to start back for home but what a delightful way to spend an afternoon. I will also add I had two major times when the way was blocked or there wasn't anyplace to turn I backed up and did rather well much to both of us, that was a surprise.

Tomorrow Roy has volunteered to make breakfast and I am all for that. No definite plans and we kind of like that. We do need to wrap up a few things that we started and we might need another road trip in the area.

Roy must have said at least four times today, you really love it here don't you? Meh, it's okay. No, I of course agreed with him. This is the best decision on so many levels. So tomorrow on the first day of the new year I will share my One Word for the year and it goes with all the goodness and kindness of the Lord in the land of the living.

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