Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 Has Been a Very Good Year

We are here at home but content and comfortable. We had gas station pizza for a late lunch. It is always so good and for dessert Roy had fruitcake and I had some of the homemade coconut cake that Vivian sent home with us last night. We have taken care of some of the to do list but mainly I want Roy to relax and not do too much since he got so much done yesterday. He did have to crawl under the bed and change out clocks and a few other things but he has gotten in all his football watching and all his on demand programs watching. Once again we stayed around home waiting on an inspector but he was a no show.

2015 is winding down. You can look at the Facebook year in review and really, FB didn't even catch the year we had in a good review. 2015 is filled with many memories. January, we continued getting things ready for a partial move in March. February was the Alumni By Choice month at Baylor. Such a fun time and an ending to a dream deferred and a beginning fulfilled. March, the movers came and April 1st they were here unloading our belongings and our attempts to get everything put away in a timely manner. April was still cool and filled with new adventures, Vivian and I began our jaunts on the back roads of North Carolina. May brought delicious strawberries and produce stand openings. June and July brought lots of friends visiting but June also brought me back to Texas to take care of a few Dr appointments as well as bring back more needed things.  August was another birthday, a cousin reunion and a little bit of a meltdown for me. Roy was able to get up here for a few days and that helped so much. August is also the month when many of the apple orchards begin their seasonal openings. September saw days growing cooler and a few more friends to come this way and Roy and I celebrated our 38th anniversary. October brought more apples, friends and cooler temps and a brand new truck we named SequishShawn. So, Roy got up this way for a quick trip to bring the Camry for trade in and take Sequisha back to Texas. I also hosted my first dinner here at the Ander House. My Sunday School class came for a pot luck which was so much fun. November brought the official visitors for the year and our eyes turning toward Christmas. Now, here we are in has been warmer and rainier.  I had so much fun taking part in the Embrace Women's Ministry Progressive Christmas Dinner. Then there was the fun excursion to Madison County with friends. There are so many good memories from this year. I am thankful for long time friends in Houston and I am thankful for new friends here in the mountains. From the prairie to the mountains, from traffic jams on I 10 to a traffic jams of tractors or horse drawn carriages. From a fast paced life, to a simpler and slower pace. Less marketing causes and more serving opportunities. More fog, mountains, continual blooms of flowers throughout the spring and summer, the fields of farms filled with crops or cows and the ever abundant back roads that take you past old barns and homes and scenery too beautiful for words. Lots of porch rocking, bird watching and unfortunately snake sightings. 2015, has been a good year.

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