Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas Baby!

Yes, here in the mountains of WNC it feels like a day at the beach. Okay, a rather windy day at the beach yet if you didn't know the temperature here the overcast sky, wind and generally gray day, you would think it was cold Christmas weather. We were here last Christmas, staying in a hotel and getting last minute things for the house taken care of. I believe we were running around trying to pick out granite this time last year. So, this is our first official Christmas at the Ander House and likely one we won't soon forget because the temps will be just like they are in Houston. It's normally cold by this time, snow has fallen, frosted windowpanes, the whole deal. Guess our song this year will be Merry Christmas Baby by the Beach Boys.

Yesterday I wrapped up grocery store trips and the like. I had good intentions of getting out early but it was late morning before I got out and about. Bank, not busy, dry cleaners, not busy, The Fresh Market...really, really busy. Even with their tiny carts maneuvering through the store took great skill and a lot of patience.  We like their lean ground beef, so while I waited my turn...I was number 78, people at the counters bought prime rib, steaks, and beef tenderloins. When it finally became my turn I asked for a pound of lean hamburger meat and silence filled the earth as those in the midst of buying the spectacular meal preps, kind of looked at me with that oh bless your heart look. In the peak moment of silence I announced the good news that be to me, I don't have to cook some big huge Christmas meal, scarfed down in minutes and lovely table time over in the briefest of time. It was then I had the oh, bless your heart look on my face as I gazed into the stressed time and meal prep eyes of those around me. Shopping at the Fresh Market is the most foreign experience that I have because the store has the look and feel of The Play Grocery Store, Rice Epicurean, in Houston. By judging the fashion sense, the skinny strained plastic surgery faces, the preppy feel and the yankee accents, not all shopping in the store are locals. In fact that whole area of Asheville speaks of another country and I'm so thankful I am not of it. Been there done that, well except for the skinny part and the plastic surgery face.

Other things like Dr appointments in Houston got scheduled and they all got scheduled with the greatest of ease and just waiting on a call back from one doctor about scheduling some things in July. I may or may not have already scheduled a lunch at The Nord, a hair appointment with Stevie, pedi appointment and a few other fun things with friends. And once the Tuesday doctor appointment is over, lookout Mexican food restaurants because there might be a shortage of cheese enchiladas in the area.

It was so fun to sit down last night and open Christmas cards. Lots of kiddos growing up way too quickly. I loved seeing the familiar handwriting on the envelopes of long time friends. There were even some Christmas letters along with the cards and loved reading them. I wrote a Christmas letter but our printer is not cooperating, so it might become a New Year letter. Love seeing the Facebook pictures too.

This has been a fun day of opening packages. Wow! We sure have friends and family who are great gift givers. Some have received our gifts and others will get them soon. Hey, if it ain't late, it's not from me...has been a mantra from the past. We have really tried to find locally made or sourced gifts for family and friends. So, it has been a fun search these past few weeks. I do have a little shout out to Peggy who gave me a Yeti Colster and now I truly am a part of the cool kids with that. And with these warm temperatures, it will come in handy. Yep, Merry Christmas Baby.....

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