Tuesday, December 29, 2015

It Feels Like A Texas Winter Up Here

This picture is from last year and although there were a few scattered tiny flakes last week, we are basking in the balm of 72 degrees on December 29th in the year of our Lord 2015. UPS drivers have on shorts, flip flops abound but they tell us by the end of the week the temps will be somewhat normal and the highs will be in the 40's.

It is kind of at that sad time when all the apple orchards are now officially closed and 98% of the produce stands are waiting for next year. There is some concern with these temps that apples and peaches will not have good crops because they need so many hours in chilly winter weather. Oh no, say it a'int so.

Roy and I are enjoying the days even when there are things to be done. Yesterday, we picked up his new glasses, went by the Toyota dealership to make sure they have a truck bed cover for SequishShaun, Ace Hardware stop, and we are once again members in good standing with Sam's Club. American Express offered a pretty good incentive to join and since the nearest Costco is in South Carolina, we decided to take advantage of it. We did a quick tour and shopping trip through the store and in the pouring rain as we left, Roy did his good deed of the day and picked up a huge thing of cheese that had fallen out of a man's basket and took it to him. When we got home we continued to take down Christmas. We pretty much have everything stored that goes into the garage but we have to wait to put the rest of everything in the attic because we are waiting on the county inspection of our heat pump installation. The inspector was to be here today, but he will try again to make it tomorrow. This morning DC came over and installed a new light in the back and programmed the garage door opener...only now the new one works and the old one doesn't. We need to upgrade our opener but it is on a long list of upgrades. Charter came out again because the last little tweak to the system didn't take. Ironic, that Roy found it so funny those few times I really wanted to watch a program and the TV was in and out, along with the sound...but it didn't seem so funny the other night when he was watching a football game and it went off and on, mainly off. The guys replaced a connector thing outside, ran a new line and installed a new box. So far, so good. Roy has power washed around the back door and a little bit on the back deck. He came in a little bit ago and said he is off the clock and needing to rest up because we are going over to Vivian's and Bill's for dinner. She made Roy bear stew, which I am feeling a little conflicted about. You know with the Baylor Bears playing football this evening.  Inez called this afternoon to see if we wanted to go with them to the Cataloochee but we couldn't because we had to wait for the inspector...which later we found out was not coming. It's a beautiful day to go up there.

Last night was rather windy and rainy. South Asheville and around Biltmore Village had high water with the Swannanoa being at flood stage. I noticed there were several warnings of mud and rock slides all around the area. Roy called Mike the Mower Man to talk with him about drainage in the backyard. They have come up with a plan and Mike will get back to us on an estimate. They have decided to do the thing in stages to make sure their plans will work. Think we are going to have to punt the concrete based new back deck since flow is essential to make this thing work. So, we will probably just screen and roof the back deck...which is fine with me. Now they might have to put down a composite floor so no sneaky snakes or chipmunks or squirrels can get on the deck, which will become more like a porch.

Tomorrow's forecast is rain. Hopefully, not too much because the rivers and streams are pretty full.

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