Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wanderings on a Wednesday

Deuteronomy 29:29 says the secret things belong to the Lord and I would also add the secret things belong to the trees three seasons of the year, but now in dormancy, you see a whole lot of things you've never noticed before. There are all kinds of homes on the tops of mountains and although there are plenty of old barns in the area, with the leaves gone, there are many more being revealed. Today someone took the time to decorate one tree on the Smokey Mountain Expressway. I don't know but it just made me feel so happy when I saw it.

Roy asked me to pick up some apples for him at Barber's Orchard and that's what I did while there are still decent apples to choose from. Before heading out to the Orchard, I made a quick stop at Mast General Store and found some gifts and a pair of shoes for me. Like I need another pair of shoes but these are handmade and just so darn cute. Best yet, they were 50% off. Now that's a deal! On my way to the orchard I passed by a Belk's which I stopped at on my way home. I need some cream blush from Clinque and I just don't have it in me to make another trip to the mall in Asheville. I also found a couple of great deals on shirts for Roy...

Thankfully, I didn't have to go through Christmas with a mullet. Christine had a cancellation yesterday and she offered me first dibs and I took it. It didn't take too long to get ready and still be able to catch a quick breakfast at the Corner Kitchen beforehand. Then I went to the store I like so much in Biltmore Village and then it was off to Barnes and Noble. I hit pay dirt on a couple of things I had been looking for and feeling rather lucky I went to Whole Foods to see if they had any peeled oranges or any of the essential oils I use. No peeled oranges but they have started carrying two of the oils that I use. I headed toward home, unloaded things and then went to the Post Office to pay for another year on the P O Box. Of course a trip to the car wash was a good idea, then grocery store and Tractor Supply. The oddest transaction took place at Tractor Supply. A woman brought back bags and bags of ornaments, she had her receipt but she wanted cash back. Nope, not store has to go back on the card. She had to go out to her car and get the card from her husband. Me thinks they were trying to get some ready cash in hand. Only one cashier was working and the line behind me was almost halfway through the store.

Mike has finished up with our stone stairs to the flat part of the yard. In the spring we will plant a few more trees in that area and put in some above ground beds and I am going to try my hand at gardening or something...I don't know, haven't gotten that far. Right now I am occupying myself with books on the TBR pile and trying to find a few things that I put away in the haste of company coming and have no idea where those things have ended up. I also have intentions to send Christmas cards, but it might be New Year's instead.

I have taken myself out of the choir music for Sunday. With the fall of about a week and a half ago, my knees, although not in pain, are locking up more. I also have some lower back pain that came with the fall so no long time standing for me. I also have to get over the mild sense of fear I have picked up of stairs and those itty bitty steps in the choir loft seem a bit bamboozling to me. Really, yesterday getting on the escalator in Barnes and Noble almost sent me over to the fear side but it was momentary.

So this is the quick catch up for the day.

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