Monday, December 21, 2015

Weekend Round Up...No Horses Were Harmed in Writing This Post

Hard work from this summer has paid dividends of late. Not being a canner I am a freezer of fruits. So I prepared strawberries, blackberries and peaches for such a time as this. Apple season is grand bringing in all its autumnal beauty but a bite into a slightly frozen peach is so delightful. I opened up some of the sun hi peaches that we sliced and froze this weekend. Oh my, a little bit of summer next to the fireplace last night.

The choir presented the Christmas program yesterday morning at church. Donna, pastor's wife and choir conductor in rehearsals, picked the music, wrote the narration and she encompassed the whole theme of joy. It was wonderful! One of the traditions for the Sunday before Christmas is at the end of the service brown paper bags filled with goodies are given by the deacons to the children at church. The sound of paper bags being opened and checked out filled the sanctuary with a joyful sound too. Last night the church went caroling to the people who are home bound. I had planned on participating but recovering from Saturday's bit of afib made Sunday a day of rest truly for me. All is well and back in rhythm but being out of sync is an exhausting process thus the need to recuperate. So to bed early and I woke up at 8:30 am. I'm feeling pretty good this morning.

I love the routine Buddy and I are in these days but of course that is always subject to change by her. Here of late she spends a lot of time in the mornings on my lap while I drink the first cup of coffee for the morning. While I am reading this gives her the wonderful opportunity of being petted, that is until she prefers it to stop. In the evenings our bed times have coordinated lately which means an easier journey into dreams and once she lays her head down on my hand, I know she is falling asleep. Speaking of cats, I had not seen the black and white one eyed cat who I affectionately named Michael, because it doesn't matter if you're black or white, for about a week. It seems he listens for the announcement of the garage door opening to make his appearance. As I backed in the driveway after church, I had come to the conclusion that Michael had probably lived all his nine lives and he had gone to kitty heaven. And then what to my wondering eyes should appear? Michael in the garage seen by me in the rear view mirror. He was meowing his little head off and rubbed against my legs while petting him. Of course we needed to get down to business rather quickly, he was here for his meal. I was anxious to see his reaction to a new cat food and he loved it! There was no doubt.

Last year I gave Dayspring LBS enough journals for every lady who attended the class and heard through the grapevine that more than several took two home. Happy to give them away. So this year I took journals to my Sunday School class and gave them to any of the ladies that might like having one. Journals are my love language and narrow lines is my fluency.

This past week has been a good reading week and last night I finished up the book that Inez loaned me. It is a wonderful book full of stories from Madison County. I have laughed a lot at some of the funny stories and last night there were a few tears as she wrapped up the book with rather poignant stories of the people in the mountains. The author signed the book which is really nice but the note from Velda to Inez tugged at my heart. The book was given to Inez in  by Velda in 1995 and I could not help but be a tad jealous because I wish I had known these friends I've met up here in 1995. But, I hadn't even been up this way and in 1995 all my attention was on tennis, more importantly my quest to play at a high level. If you weren't into tennis, I was not to interested in you. But I am ever so thankful to know these friends now, thankful for Houston friends who didn't play tennis to put up with me during that season, I attained the highest level I could play in tennis and now I am glad to be over the tennis portion of life.

Never buy packing tape from the Dollar store because it doesn't have a piece attached to help you begin using the roll of tape. I was not having much luck and decided to go drastic. So I pulled out a short knife, then I put oven mitts on my hands because if I would happen to cut myself...on blood wouldn't be good. Finally, after sticking the knife through the tape in several places I was able to get the roll started and thus complete assembling packages to take to the post office. On the same day I also did something that I have kind of feared. We had a blustery, windy day on Friday and when I placed my driver license and deposit in the little roll out, my license blew away. There was very little room between the car and the bricks of the bank. It didn't help that the teller wasn't pulling the drawer back in. Finally, after gesturing wildly at her, she pulled in the drawer and a barely slipped out of the car door trying to find that license. Thankfully, it had not blown away and it wasn't too far underneath the car so I was able to retrieve it without too much embarrassment. There were so many cars waiting to do business at the bank but I did not look or make eye contact. Just give me my money and let me go. I can share that I was a tad nervous when I then did the drive through at the CVS but it all worked out and nothing went flying through the air.

Looks to be a rainy day and by all weather accounts a rainy Christmas week. That's fine by me because I have last minute things here at the house and of course the best, several good books to choose from on the good ol' TBR pile.

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