Monday, December 7, 2015

Fall-Not the Autumnal Kind

This afternoon is full of sunshine and birds. I need to go feed the birds but I am a little hesitant to do so because I took on a stairwell yesterday and although it didn't win, the floor did. With that recent fall in mind, walking around the backyard with such varying degrees of levels, it might be best to continue resting indoors and make it up to the birds tomorrow. When I saw the gold finches earlier at the feeder, it was a difficult temptation to resist because it has been since early summer that a gold finch has returned to visit.

If you sat next to me right now the lovely scent of essential oils and Icy Hot would tantalize your nose. It is a delightful scent of the the halt and lame.  After church Ann and I were on our way to the Fellowship Center for lunch, catered by The Farmer's Daughter. Somehow, I fell down the last few stairs before entering and as I was trying to save my knees, the floor came quicker than expected and thus my noggin became acquainted with the hard floor. I had enough wit about me to grab my glasses that had fallen off to the side and start assessing if anything was broken or couldn't move. Several men who were near came quickly to help me up and they did a great job. Nothing felt broken or out of place but the back of my head felt tingly and it began to hurt. I reached up to touch the spot and a huge bump was forcing itself outward, maybe a three to four inch bump. The nurses in our church arrived with a ice bag and began concussion protocol. My friends gathered me to their table and other friends came too hugging and kissing my head, telling me it was going to be alright. I was so thankful for that because it settled me down on the inside. Several asked if I needed to go to the ER and I wasn't able to make that decision because everything within me said, no, I don't want to go, yet knowing I am on blood thinners concerned me.   Velda, Judy and Inez made the executive decision to take me to Mission Hospital's ER.  So we were off in a flash in Velda's SUV. I kept talking and rambling on because I kind of wanted to close my eyes and fall asleep but I think you are supposed to stay awake. I called Roy to tell him about my eventful afternoon and lawyer Roy came out making rules for me, no more stairs. Uh, then we need to sell this house. Once he realized that making rules didn't help the situation, he became compassionate Roy. There isn't anyone I want praying for me more than Roy. I asked him to pray about the ER that we could get in quickly because I was keeping my friends from a fine Sunday afternoon nap and of course for healing. Oh, I forgot, one of the men came over and prayed for me at the Christmas luncheon...we had just heard a sermon on how healing is in God's wings in Malachi 4. The effective prayer of a righteous man availed much because we walked in and there was only one person ahead of me being evaluated and seen. Tony, the aid that escorted me back to my ER room let Velda, Inez and Judy come back with me and found enough chairs for them. While the staff came and went, the four of us had a grand time and even the nurse told us she liked hanging out with us all. It was so fun hanging out with these friends although the circumstances weren't the best reason why. After having a CT scan, the PA came in and told us I was good to go. I did as a precaution decide if asked I would not play quarterback for any team that inquired even though I passed concussion protocol. Being hard headed, in more ways than one, I convinced my friends I could drive my truck home from church and after arriving home safely, I did one thing I should have asked helped with, but I took the trash can down to the road.

All through the years God has given me the best friends anyone could ever ask for. Inez, Judy and Velda are angels and took good care of their clumsy friend. Judy kept Vivian informed and I tried to remember to keep Roy in the loop of what was going on, although texting was a difficult process for me yesterday. I came home, you know after the trash taking, and sat here and cried at the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Inez and Vivian offered to come spend the night if I needed that and of course it would be like a slumber party. We all needed rest and I was already in bed. Buddy sensed something because she has hardly left my side but I must be in all clear for her because she is finally off to another part of the house.

The Friday night progressive dinner was a hit and so fun. Lois and I had a great time getting everything prepared and set for those coming to the house. We had Cajun fried turkey and all the fixings and it was good!  The Christmas themed rubber duckies were a hit! I love playful type things. We returned to church for dessert and for entertainment by a quartet. Such fun!  After all the activities several of us sat around and had a good time laughing and joking around. What a blessing!

On Saturday Vivian and I went to Renaissance Glass Studio for their annual open house and sale. So fun to see all their creations and to be able to purchase local, made in America gifts. Then we went to Addison's Vineyards to see the blacksmith whose work I love. Come to find out, Vivian and the blacksmith are related. We made our way to the Moose for lunch and guess who walked in? Inez and her husband. So they sat with us and I got to hear more wonderful stories of growing up in Madison County.  As we were all leaving I got an email from Roy concerning the Am Ex bill. Long story short I had transposed two numbers and underpaid by $48.69. They way they acted you would have thought we owed a million dollars. He called them after talking with me and got all the extra charges taken off and once again all is right in the world of Am Ex, which always seems to be a love/hate relationship.

Well, that is all that is happening in this part of the world. Lunch and a nap sounds good for future plans today.  Oh and not forget a new application of Icy Hot. Mmm....

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