Friday, December 11, 2015

It's The Circle of Life

As much as I have a serious post rolling around in me it will just have to wait because when life is proving rather humorous, one has got to go with the humor. Then I might not ever write the serious thoughts because they might not be that important or serious by another day.

There are things you just can't make up and have to step back and laugh. Since the weather had turned cooler several weeks ago, although right now we are enjoying balmy spring type days, I put flannel sheets on most of the beds. A little additional warmth on cold mornings is always appreciated. Things have been just fine except I wore some new flannel jammies to bed this week and in the night somehow with these jammies and flannel sheets, sleep became like a huge flannel board like they used to have in Sunday School. Turning over became such a chore because said flannel jammies stuck to the flannel sheets, just like in Sunday School flannel Bible stories. With the additional aches and pains from falling down the stairs on Sunday, my night-time flannel board story involves a lot of pain and hurtful movement oh like Joseph's pain in the pit or prison.  With me stuck to the sheets Buddy decided this would be the most opportune time to sleep underneath the covers and somehow in the night, she was able to find room to crawl into the back of my pajama pants which seem to be permanently adhered to the bed. Maybe the Bible story of Buddy's entrapment would be Jonah trying to escape from the big fish, In the words of Jerry Lee Lewis, there was a whole lot of shaking going on. Finally, after some bit of acrobatics, I was able to free Buddy and then free myself from the evil clutches of our Laura Ashley flannel sheets. I think the pajamas are a thinner flannel and that is why they cling and aren't prone to wander but I felt it, not prone to leave the sheets I love. My friends here encouraged me to buy something like satin so I would be free to move about the confines of our bed, but that kind of material causes me to sweat, I think it is the thinner nature of the fabric because this did not happen with any other heavy duty flannels I've worn.

I am also not the kind of person who would demand for someone to bring me some figgy pudding and bring it right here and then threaten not to leave if figgy pudding isn't produced post haste. I don't like figs, fig newtons or figgy pudding. So when I started feeding this stray black and white, one eyed cat I told him the deal was, don't bring me anything dead to repay any kindness I am extending by serving the finest wet cat food that is on sale at Ingle's. We had a deal! It's like the  figgy pudding, you don't have to bring it.That is until today, While getting things into the car before leaving on errands, the little cat was outside meowing his heart out. So, I prepared his food so I would be able to put it into his dish and leave quickly. Wasn't going to happen today because little catty had a gifty for me...a little dead, tinie-tiny black mouse...all stiff and dead this cat had been waiting all morning for me to come out and be pleased with the gifting. Now, I tell you, I have done a few things here that I would have never, ever done in Texas. And this would be one of those times, I fed the cat and found a shovel, the antique shovel that has seen better days. Approaching the dead mouse in stealth like fashion...which for me isn't very stealth like, I put the shovel head gently underneath that stiff little mouse and kind of jiggled it onto the end of the precious antique shovel. I was just about to hurl this mouse into space, hoping it to land up on the gravel road when somewhere, from someplace deep within me I kind of thought about geometry and the law of dynamics. I did not have enough umph space to be able to sling little mousey and visions of it falling off the shovel and landing on me dashed through my mind. Thus resulting for another trip to the ER came to mind also and so I decided to bury the mouse in some kind of proper fashion. So, I dug a hole big enough for a mouse, covered and marked it. Then I dared that cat to dig it up while I was gone. I told Roy about the adventure and exploits and he called me quite the Carolina gal which, this is where I draw the line. No encounters of the live kind will enshrine me in the I moved to NC and now I am a NC girl shrine. I called Lisa P and we laughed so hard about these encounters of a nature kind. And now, in the evening I am thinking again of the circle of life. You see a mouse, so a snake will show up to get rid of the mice, Then you have to get rid of the snake or snakes, so you clear out land. The birds that hid in the shrubs are now hanging out at the neighbors and only coming over to eat which gets inhibited by the one eyed black and white cat...who has killed a mouse for's the circle of life...  Musically then I must respond, hit the road cat and don't you bring no mice no more, no more, no more...hit the road cat..and don't ya bring no mice no more.....

All this time little Buddy is basking in the sun coming through the windows and because of today's episode I am on hyper vigilance. So when Buddy went crazy with the yips a little bit ago, you know I was on point to see what was making her so crazy.  Nothing, she doesn't need a reason. She is now sound asleep so that she can wake me up around 3:00 am but no flannel board jammies tonight to get into or get stuck in.  It's the circle of life....

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