Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Beautiful Tuesday

The birds are happy that I have finally been able to get to the back and fill the feeder. A great ballet is taking place without music or applause at that feeder. It seems each bird knows its entrance and exit. When the cardinals make their grand entrance, the bird feeder clears out and only the bravest of the little birds approach and take a few seeds behind the cardinals back. The male cardinals red feathers are the brightest red as any time I have seen them. I am taken aback when I see something that bright of red perched upon the fence and the duller of color but still as regal female cardinal is usually not too far from her mate. This morning as soon as the garage door opened I heard this eerie scrapping sound. I began to investigate and locate this lonesome sound. No mystery though, it merely was a dead dried up leaf being moved about at will by the slow moving wind. A new discovery here in God's country.

I am recouping from Sunday's tumble. Lots of bruises here and there but the soreness is dissipating and only makes itself known when I move too quickly or awkwardly. I thought I had packed a heating pad when we moved but after extensively searching, I realized I had thought about packing a heating pad. So after a trip to the PO, I made my way to CVS. Dealing with Walmart was just too much for me to think about. I found a couple of other items that needed to come home with me and then I decided against a trip to the grocery store because I just didn't have it in me. Back to ye old homestead.

Along with resuming feeding the birds, the little black and white one eyed cat has missed me too. He is so good and waits for me at the little dish by the garage. Although today, he accompanied me to the garage and out. What a sweetheart. I am putting out a little blanket for him on these cold nights. Sometimes he is asleep on the front porch cuddled up tightly on a cushion of the rocking chair. My little Buddy has been so good these past few nights and I am thankful for that. That means we both get to sleep quickly and without drama.

After washing my hair this morning I realized I could not keep my hair appointment because even with me knowing where my head hurts, I still caused a little bit of pain. The area of my head around the knot hurts even though it is not swollen because of bruising I suppose. Anyway, I am on the cancellation list for my stylist since her first opening is in February and I went ahead and booked that appointment. Part of me wants to find another place to get my hair cut but I'm wary of trying someone new. My hair has been the most difficult adjustment in moving.

I am excited for my Houston friends who begin Celebration tonight. All the pics on FB tell the story only slightly in how fabulous this is going to be. I am excited that our church here is doing a live nativity on Friday and Saturday nights.

These past few evening I have also enjoyed all my mountain books. What great history lessons. I need to get out my local map so I can know exactly where these stories are taking place. I read one on the Cattaloochee and can picture that place easily and also remember the one lane road that gets you there and also gets you home.

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