Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Day Night...all is calm and all is...well, not bright because I don't have a whole lot of lamps turned on, but the brightness does reside in my heart. Christmas 2015 has been good. Last night I picked up Roy from the airport and this time his flight was on time. We made the customary stop at Jack in the Box and kept heading back home. The fog continued to roll in as we made our way home and I do think I saw a red light in the sky which may or may not have been Rudolph.

This morning I slept almost till 10;00 am! Just like a teenager only my hip hurting is what woke me up. I don't seem to remember that happening as a teenager. Roy made Christmas breakfast, which was delicious. We also did a quick drive by the French Broad River because with all the rain we knew she would be rolling fast and riding high. Just as we began our return home, the rains came. So we have had a laid back afternoon. I have been reading and Roy is catching up on all his on demand shows. We made our Christmas tacos for dinner and they were wonderful. I had some fruit for dessert and Roy had fruitcake. A little later I went back to the kitchen to get a couple of cookies from the goody plate that Brenda from church had left for us last night. Oh my, everything is delicious. Roy has also been working on transferring music to the lap top. Like I said, it has been a very laid back day with texts, emails and phone calls from friends and family.

Yesterday I heard from one of my long time tennis friends and we have had fun catching up with each other. Kathleen was always one of my favorite people to be partners with in doubles but it is refreshing that we remain friends and tennis isn't front and center in our lives anymore.

Roy brought one of my Bibles from home this trip and in it was the phone number of my crazy friend Debbie. I had forgotten it was even in there. So I texted her a Merry Christmas and she responded in kind. For two girls who were so fun and wild, we've become rather docile in our old age.

Probably tomorrow we will begin on several of our projects or at least get things together to begin. We did do one of them today. I shared that Michael the cat had brought me a gift of a dead mouse, which I promptly buried....but not too deep. With this rain and the cat thinking of re-gifting, that dead mouse, a little worse for the wear showed up again. Ugh! Roy got the shovel and took him to a far away place where he will be remembered no more. I am so glad Roy took care of that little thing for me.

With the warm temperatures of an El Nino year, we looked through pictures from our trips here at Christmas. Two years ago today it was 18 was almost 70 today. Quite a contrast. The rain is supposed to end tonight and we're expecting to have clearer weather through Monday.

From our home to yours, we wish you a Merry and Blessed Christmas!

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