Friday, December 4, 2015

Frosted Ground Cover

When I first checked the temps this morning a balmy 26 degrees welcomed me to Friday. The ground is still frosty in the back where the sun has not graced it with its warmth. The front frost has melted away and although dreary gray days do not get me down, welcoming the bright orb back yesterday and today and throughout the weekend seems right nice. I cannot believe all the things there are to do on the first weekend of December. All kinds of craft shows and festivals, nativities, concerts but the best thing tonight is the Embrace Women's Ministry Progressive Christmas Dinner...I still say it should be Progressive Supper.  I think I am just about ready with only last minute things to take care of. Lois is coming over at 3:00 to help me with some of those last preparations. Buddy is intrigued yet is ignoring the extra tables placed where tables haven't been before. I am thankful, she is not or has not shown any interest in the Christmas tree. I think it was good we set it up and didn't do anything with it for about a week. The allure diminished and her attention went back to whining for treats.

Since things are a little rearranged right now, I'm sitting at the kitchen table which affords a great insight and view into the life of the birds outside. The one eyed black and white cat has been checking out the frosty ground looking for birds. Today it caught several leafs. With the cat's presence in the back for the longest time I only saw the shadows of birds on the ground as they overshot the feeder due to the cat. As the cat moved on he did not even know that to his back all the birds returned to the feeder.

Vivian called me as she was out on the road to remind me of the black ice if I was getting out and about. Thankfully, I got most of my errands taken care of yesterday and only will get out later this afternoon to pick up dinner for this evening. Near the river were several patches with the possibility of a car going off the road down into the holler in the woods. This morning a traffic alert came up on the phone letting me know a rock slide had happened in Madison County along the river road. My first rock slide alert and it probably won't be the last.

I have so enjoyed looking at pictures from last night's WM event at HFBC.  Melanie Shankle was the speaker and Dora Pop led the music. The tables looks so festive and fun. I hearken back to the day when my table won best design but that happened because my tennis friends Mary and Marti did the table decorations...antique Victorian coffee servers along with Chris Jensen silver...which I had never heard of before then. One of my favorite pics of the table is with women gazing at the beautiful setting with their mouths wide open and looking in wonderment in the astonishing beauty of everything. I believe for all that beauty I got a wreath...cause Mary and Marti did the table for me out of love and well, out of the storehouse of their Christmas treasures. They didn't need no wreath but I did. That Christmas was the beginning for me to love the holidays again. Have I decorated a table since then? No way! Too fru fru for me but if asked to sit at a table...I'm all over that.

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