Saturday, December 12, 2015

Springter or Wintspring in the Mountains

It doesn't look like this today in Asheville but we are surrounded by fog which is ever so slowly burning off. This is from 2010 when we spent our first Christmas in the area and it snowed on Christmas Eve all in total of about ten inches. I love looking at all the pictures Roy took that year because he was many times the first one to leave shoe prints in the snow on the many trails he traversed to get pictures. This was not a hard one to take since it is off the terrace behind the Inn.

We are experiencing Springter or Wintspring in the mountains this week. Our apple trees are sprouting new leaves and plants in general around here are in a state of confusion over the temps. It is still cooler than Houston, so no complaints here.

The first thing I did this morning once I was downstairs was to check that nothing had disturbed Mr Mouse, God rest his soul, in the back. I don't want no re-gifting from the cat. I didn't want gifting but it is what it is. All is well on that front and the birds are happily darting in and out of the feeder. Buddy watched for a bit but she has retired to the first of her many naps today.

There is nothing like a Saturday morning with no imminent plans. Granted when I was younger that was a fate worse than anything, not to have plans to go or be or do on a Saturday. I am reminded of something my mom would tell me almost every time she saw my nose in a book, which was quite often. She would tell me about the times as a toddler when she came in to get me up from a nap, which back then I hardly ever took, she would find me in the crib surrounded by all my books and I would be there right in the middle of them happily occupying myself with them. Guess I had figured out a way to climb in and out of the crib to accomplish such a feat. Looking over at the couch this morning where books are stacked as well as opened, that long ago memory comes to mind because I might just need to plop myself down in the middle of them and pick up where I left off last night.

I realized yesterday I had not grocery shopped, except for last Friday night's progressive dinner, for two weeks. No wonder things were getting a little low. I had even broke into my hurricane, I mean snow storm provisions of Pop Tarts. The original plan for yesterday was to drive up to Johnson City and go to the Kroger and then run a couple of errands up that way, but opted out instead to Ingle's and The Fresh Market here. I kind of miss the Kroger and will get up that way soon. The roads were a bit crowded yesterday but guess it was due to it being a Friday and with Christmas drawing near. Got the shopping done and headed back home. On Thursday Inez, Velda, Judy, Anna and I went shopping for the two little boys at the elementary school nearby. Each year our church gets the names of children who might have a less than merry Christmas and individuals or groups buy two outfits, a winter coat, socks, underwear, shoes and t-shirts. We went to Belk's to begin our shopping trip. We were focused but we did wander off into other departments from time to time...We found everything but shoes at Belk's so we made a wonderful decision to adjourn to Cheddar's for lunch and recharging. We had a wonderful time at lunch and loved our server Ms Peaches. She was in a very good mood because she and her husband and eleven children are moving to Greenville because the cost of living is lower there and as a bonus her transfer went through and she will be able to work at the Cheddar's close to where they are moving. She was a hoot and she was so glad to move from the boonies...which by chance is exactly where all of us live.  But then, we aren't driving into a job each and every day. After lunch we headed to Kohl's and but found what we were looking for at Shoe Carnival.

Well there are books to be read, birds and cats to be fed, and maybe I will wear something red today.

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