Monday, September 26, 2016

Flowidity and Fluidity

It is a hazy morning, not quite foggy, not quite overcast, not quiet sunny but for not quite, it sure is quite pretty. The forecast calls for rain later and we surely do need the rain. Even after a year and a half of living here, the rapid rate of evaporation still baffles and surprises me. It mainly affects the efforts of keeping the birds hydrated. This week's forecast is also calling for cooler temps which means we will be more into the seasonal temps that are normal instead of these higher temps of late.

The news of Les Miles being fired broke yesterday afternoon. While it seems changes need to be made at LSU, it is sad how it had to come about. From all I have read the flaw of he and Cam Cameron not adapting to the changing offenses used today became their downfall and the ills of the lack of offense but he produced winning defenses. He dug in his heels. I will miss his witty comments and his quirkiness. He seemed to be a good man. All kinds of rumors are out there who LSU will tap for the next head coach. I had to break the news to Roy. He is kind of on a news fast as well as a football fast. He was surprised to hear that LSU had pulled the trigger only after four games, but he seemed to expect it happening at the end of the season. Art Briles as a candidate is being batted around. Whew! Can you imagine the offense under his tutelage?

I watched a few snippets of comedy from some of the greats in their time and then I saw snippets of some of those greats in now time and it was difficult to watch. They would deteriorate into doing things that used to bring them laughs. The laughter produced from their antics now sounded more like a nervous laughter...from the audience. Like sympathetic laughter because the comedian doesn't seem to know what to do. I have admired Steve Martin at how he has maneuvered through the times. You don't see him doing, "Well excuse me!" unless it is some parody of making fun of himself and the schtick that made him famous.

Even though the comparison is flawed, both Les and the comedians of former glory have dug in their heels to resist change. Football is football and funny is funny but it is true that change is change and one must stay fluid to stay current, if that is important to one's livelihood or influence.

I was flipping channels Saturday night between the LSU game and TCM. The movie With Six You Get Eggrolls was on, which was the last major movie Doris Day did. At the end of the movie, there is commentary or facts about the movie that might not have been known. Doris Day wanted to keep acting in light of what had made her famous, she had a tried and true vehicle that brought her fame...only the younger audience didn't identify with it. There were scenes trying to give a take on modern life complete with hippies. The commentary also stated that the same year Yours, Mine and Ours had been released and had done fairly well, now this Doris Day movie felt also ran and warmed over. Doris realized she was not in touch with modern film making and she retired.

I have always admired how Beth Moore has remained fluid and current. I will always love her for taking the majority emphasis of women's ministry from fashion shows, teas, banquets and an inspirational message to bringing women to  the Word of God and the in depth study Bible study. There is a memory that I think of often. I was talked into attending a women's retreat at church way, way back in the day. I didn't want to go, I barely knew the women I was rooming with. On Friday night we had to get all dressed up for dinner and the program, which I believe included a fashion show and then we changed into regular relaxing clothes for the rest of the retreat. The hotel we were in had an atrium and I remember looking out the window that early Saturday morning onto the atrium and watching Beth Moore lead a few early risers in aerobics. I thought to myself, I wish they had her speaking instead of leading aerobics. I respect how she handles her speaking schedule and wanting to not always stay around in the Bible Belt. She has subtracted things from her schedule that has only brought more freedom for her and a greater expansion of her Bible teaching to others.

Reading FB and Twitter, yes I have Instagram but rarely, if never used it, the interesting thread is older ministers, both male and female, working be relevant...with it..worth reading. I love Liz Curtis Higgs' presence on social media is well done and true to who she is. Others are trying, overly trying to say things to be retweeted and liked. I'm talking about nationally known, been around people who have to desperately hold onto relevance.

So, I am the first to admit I am not as fluid as I wish I were and there are sometimes when I think it would be so much easier if we could go back to the day when you knew you were the age of wearing short waist dresses, kind of like Aunt Bea. But, then that wouldn't make me happy and I don't know that it would make anyone happy. The freedom to choose and to wear is so much better now.

We are ending the day with rain which is so welcomed. I got caught in it while running a couple of errands but it turned out well because Judy and I went back over for a taste test at Vivian's. Her chocolate cake was like the Nord's....maybe even better. I did get to catch the rhythm of the rain on our new metal roof...nearly put me to sleep but alas I stayed awake to fix some dinner. Hopefully, it will rain some more tonight.

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