Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sauntering Into The Rest Of The Day

Because this idea has been rumbling about in my mind for several weeks, I finally decided to make the beautiful drive back over to Little Switzerland. One, I had a couple of errands to run and two, I didn't want to be around and listen to the noise of progress up on the roof. It is a beautiful day in the low eighties, which means it will be cooler in the higher elevations. The treies around Burnsville are beginning to turn just a smidgen. I think I say this just about anytime I'm going farther into the countryside, but even with all the road construction, it is one of my favorite drives.

Today would not be the day to go into Asheville because Donald Trump is holding a rally at the US Cellular Center. Which seems kind of strange because Asheville proper is pretty liberal minded but ten minutes outside the city, in just about any direction, you are in conservative country.

So I had a fabulous time in Little Switzerland. I ate lunch there and brought home orange cake. I found a Mary Lee Settle book I have never read. Years ago I searched for First Editions of her Beulah Quintet...this is before the Internet and it was such fun to search through bookstores in Houston and as we traveled to find all five books. So, I am looking forward to getting into that book which just happens to be a first edition. I did not realize there were other little shops around the Little Switzerland Inn, so I made a stop there. The lady at the bookstore told me there were tons of cute shops there and four shops doesn't constitute a ton to me but that is minor when they had really cute t-shirts and sweatshirts and some of the most beautiful gifts. In October that area will be inundated with people. Today, just an a bunch of old men on Harley's were the presence. Everyone else was either with friends or retired couples. I think I was the only single person at a table but that's fine with me. I always bring a book or have some deep thought to jot down.

I came home via Mars Hill and Marshall. That too is a gorgeous drive. I was going to stop in the new Mars Hill University bookstore but really, I knew I would buy a t-shirt and I had already gone past my allotment in Little Switzerland. I drove through Marshall just because...because I love that town, the way it looks, the little shops, the river, and the close proximity of train tracks.
It is now Tuesday morning and the morning I decide not to get up early because the roofers are coming, they came early. Even with the really thick fog...I think this might be their last day here. It looks like the back of the house and the roof over the porch might be all they have left to do. The mornings have been so cool, it's a waste not to use them being on top of a house with the sun beating down on you in the afternoon. I've got laundry started and I'm drinking coffee, so the start of my day is alright.

Yesterday, I texted two of my good friends from high school days and invited them to come out for a visit next year. We all can get so busy, I wanted to get them penciled in on the calendar for sure. Beth lives in the Seattle area and Mimi lives in the Brenham area. We had a great time and flux of texting last night. It was such fun and I think we will have the time narrowed down by the end of the month of when they will come for a visit.

I am losing in the race of trash bins to the road. My neighbor is getting his two cans out earlier and earlier on Sunday afternoon. At least I beat the Floridian to get second best can placement. Really, shouldn't I have first right since the cans are placed on my property that is really easement so I guess we have no ownership rights. Last night I picked up the bin and placed it in the back of the truck to get it back into the garage which means I blindly back up on my driveway. Wasn't too bad last night. The sky was so beautiful with the sunsetting behind the mountains, that I just needed to get out and capture that beauty. The Watusi cows were close by the road and I got a few good pictures of them. The elk were active as well but not as close to the road.

The fog is dissipating and there is coffee to drink and books to read but guess I should do a little house cleaning before I saunter into the rest of the day.

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