Wednesday, September 7, 2016

What's All That Beeping Noise?

It's exciting to have all new smoke alarms and a few extra added in for good measure. Now if the roofers would show, that would be double excitement here at the old homestead. I needed to get some of Roy's shirts to the cleaners and I took my Mildred dress too to get all spiffy for the October program. It is such an ugly dress and I acknowledged that fact to the lady behind the counter. She just kind of brushed off the remark but I really cared that she knew I knew. The couple ahead of me in line had forgotten to open their flue on their fireplaces. So Saturday morning they started the fire and the result is having to have all your window treatments, notice the interior design reference by yours truly who pretty much says curtains, and several quilts and throws go to the cleaners to get out the smoke smell. In our conversation, we discovered we are all from the Houston area. They are from Clear Lake and she said her husband's family was a founding family of Pasadena...which, you know...all I could think of was Stinkadena.

Since Sprint got all uppity about the booster we have, it went in the UPS envelope they provided and I dropped it in the UPS drop box by the pharmacy. Since I parked in the pharmacy parking lot to use the drop box, I decided I should go in. I am so glad that I did because they carry Bio Freeze and that is good to know. Love that stuff and it makes me feel soooo good! A quick trip to Tractor Supply and I was back home. DC and Roy were hard at work with the smoke alarm replacements. I let them be as I had a couple of things I needed to take care of.

Now we are Wednesday evening. The roofers came late yesterday and early this morning. Lots of cutting and fitting but you can see the red roof across part of the roof. This morning they were feeling optimistic but that soon faded into reality of maybe finished Friday or Monday.

This morning as we were trying to leave the house we heard this beeping noise. We think of smoke detectors of course since they were all replaced and two battery ones were added into the mix. Roy called DC but as soon as he made the call, the beeping stopped. We gathered up our things and headed out on the road. As we rode along the way we kept quizzing ourselves on what could it be? Our conversation gradually went away from that problem and onto more fun things to talk about. On the way home I stopped at the SC Shell station, $1.69 gasoline, then onto Sky Top checking in on the candy crisp apples. None, so I left empty handed and made my way toward Target.  Just as I had pulled up into a parking spot, my cell phone rang and it was Karen from my orthopedic's office. I had left her a message that Roy would try and stop today to deliver the honey crisp apples I promised her in July. She called me back because she wanted to make sure we knew she was in the office and not out due to the holiday week. We had a great visit and everything is falling into place for surgery. I did not take the vow of not shopping at Target but I had told Roy I wouldn't use the bathrooms to make him happy. I had to break that promise today cause when a sister has to go, she has to go. I was the only one in the bathroom so I guess that is a win for Roy's wishes.After Target I stopped in at the local Barnes and Noble and the magazine I have been waiting for finally arrived. By now, I am getting hungry and it is time to consider lunch. So why not The Moose Cafe?

The lunch crowd had dwindled, so it was immediate seating and a booth to boot! With that great view of the Inn on the Biltmore Estate. This group of friends came in and they were all older, way older than dirt yet one of them had a baby carriage that was enclosed and then covered by a blanket. None of these people seemed to be strong enough to take care of a baby and that is when I heard a dog bark. The lady shushed the dog, Burner I believe was the name. That dog was right next to me in a baby stroller. I didn't say a word because even with Asheville being so dog friendly, most places still enforce service animals inside restaurants not your pet. That table's conversation was all about how a major store hadn't played by the rules with them and they were mad...irony, that they weren't playing by the rules either. Like the line in Greater Tuna..."glass houses."

I made a mad dash to the Farmer's Market and then came the beeping. It had been going on all day one of the guys told me. So I did what I only knew to do, call DC. He kindly agreed to come over and sleuth out the case of the baffling bleeping. A little later there was a knock at the door, it was DC and he knew where the problem the trash can. Roy had taken out the trash this morning and in the bag were all the old smoke alarms and one must be resting on a button. We are just city people trying to live in the country. So thankful for friends who help us along the way with our real or imagined crisis'.

Yesterday, I heard the most shocking story that I have never heard before. There are layers and layers of family history and secrets underneath a lot of dust and now I have questions. I don't know that there is anyone who can answer or give credence to these legends and stories. I am not at liberty to discuss but dang it, wow! Put the pieces together and some things start making more sense.

That's it for now.

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