Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Another foggy beginning to the day. It is also a quiet morning but it is a morning filled with frenzy. Not us, but the birds in the backyard. Just like last year the cardinals are increasing in number. The cover from the trees next door and the lush landscaping in our backyard make it conducive for the birds.  This morning besides the cardinals, there are the black capped chickadee, gold finch, brown thrasher, house wren and of course the ever feisty, ever combative hummingbirds. I saw a hummingbird take on a cardinal and the hummingbird won.  Roy has been up since 6:00 am while I pulled myself out of bed a little before 8:00. It is nice to come downstairs of coffee and orange cinnamon rolls.

We took a short drive last night right before sunset. The sky turned that grayish blue with all the pink hues floating in and out on the clouds. Some of the clouds seemed as if they were lying right on top of some of the mountains and the familiar blue of the Blue Ridge Mountains took its cue and began decorating the layer upon layer of fuzzy blue to the long range scenery. We marvel each day that we get to experience this beauty and wonder. The watusi cattle were close to the road last evening and so Roy got to see them up close. We also caught a quick glimpse of the elk too but it was the horizon and sunset that wooed our attention.

It wasn't too long after I ate breakfast that we began working out in the backyard with a cool breeze blowing if just for a brief time. Roy got a lot of the huge weeds pulled by the new trees. I cannot believe how quickly weeds grow here. Mike the Mower Man began working in the front yard. We bagged up yard debris as well as gathering up boxes that accumulated over the past several months. Roy loaded up the truck, we made a Sonic drink stop and then went to the dump. Roy did some more weed eating and then came in to eat leftovers for lunch. He really likes the cornbread chicken enchiladas we made last night. He got the well filter cleaned out. I did some vacuuming and picked up a few things upstairs and now we have both settled into a nice afternoon rest.

Of course it is now Tuesday morning, so with roofers coming and the like I will end this post...haste.

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