Thursday, September 1, 2016

Welcome Foggy September 1st

September has started out on a foggy note. I have kept track of foggy mornings in August because local lore says how many foggy days you have in August is the days of snowfall in the winter. I do think this mornings fog is the worst I have seen in quite sometime...not that I have seen that much fog, but I've seen fire and I've seen rain...a little James Taylor for your foggy morning reading.

When I got back from running an errand yesterday, some Duke guys, not from the university but from the power company, were pulling out of our driveway. They had left a door flyer explaining they were going to trim my oak tree...only it is not my oak is on land that our neighbors own. Told the Dukies that info but they still have to trim the tree due to the close proximity to electric wires. I'm all for that cause if the tree fell toward us, it would do some damage. It is a huge tree. Mary Joyce, neighbor, was telling me about the night lightning hit the tree next to the aforementioned tree. Only a stump remains to remind us that this mighty tree once stood tall.

I saw a bird encounter like I have never seen these past few years. The black capped chickadee usually travels in a flock of similar sized birds. So you'll see wrens, finches, and chickadees together quite often at the bird feeder and in the trees. So this black capped chickadee perched on top of the shepherd hook where the food is, takes a pensive glance over its wing looking at another chickadee resting on a limb in the butterfly bush. The bird on the hook flies over to the other bird and head butts it, right underneath the beak. What!!?? Are you kidding me? And then the aggressor flies right back to the hook and acts like nothing happened. There is still the flight and fight of the hummingbirds as well.

Speaking of Dukies, they are here and it looks like they made quick work on trimming. They are also working on trees close the road. The sound of fall in the air, chainsaws. You can hear them a lot recently because of several new houses being built out on the ridge.

Well the day is calling and there things to be done and places to go.

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