Sunday, September 4, 2016

Saturday Going Into Sunday

We rejoice at the Baylor and U of H wins but it is looking like LSU will have a loss for the first game of the season. Baring a miracle of course. Roy has gone upstairs to watch Hulu because he loves watching shows without commercials. Ah college football, it is good to have you back.

Today has been a fun day. We started out at Lowe's taking care of getting new smoke detectors and a few other things we could not live without. There is a new Sonic that just opened on Wednesday right by Lowe's. I had never noticed it and asked Roy, has that Sonic always been there? (This is before we knew that it had opened on Wednesday) Roy said, yes, it has been there for years. What???? Anyway, we stopped to get something to drink and found out the real story. Fortified with Route 44 drinks, we headed over to Waynesville to pick up some fruit. Man, the bakery line was long but not the fruit line. Since Roy hadn't eaten at the Haywood Smokehouse, we stopped there for lunch and we got a great surprise. Brenda and her sister Rhonda had come in, so they sat with us and we had a great time eating some great Texas BBQ. Roy and I went to Main Street Emporium and found a few things. Even Roy thought it was worth the stop. We made our way home and worked a bit in the backyard but Roy decided we should call it a day when his legs started cramping. Hey, he is the one with good legs, so who am I to argue.

In Monablog fashion, it is now Sunday night. We have had a full day but we also had some downtime as well. We went to church this morning and my Sunday School class had 22 this morning...on Labor Day! We had to bring extra chairs and we even had a few regulars absent today. That room is always warm but it was extra warm today. We were all fanning at some point in time. After church Roy and I punted on eating at The Fireplace and opted for hamburgers since we knew we were going to cook later on. We decided rest is what we needed and finally got to work around 4:00ish. We worked out back for a short time and then worked in the garage. As we finished up, we headed to the kitchen to make the cornbread chicken enchiladas in a bundt pan. It turned out really good! While the light was good Roy took his camera and a rocking chair to the end of our road to catch some beautiful pictures.

This morning before we left for church I looked out the front window and there sitting on a branch of forsythia was a beautiful cardinal. I was able to grab a few pics of it. Roy has also enjoyed watching the hummingbirds duke it out over territorial rights to the feeder. The gold finches are back, along with house wrens and lots of cardinals.

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