Thursday, September 15, 2016

Soon And Sooner

The day didn't go as planned but it worked out really well. We are still in the learning process of how things are done here in NC. Our inspection on the truck is due as well as property tax on it but not until October. But, you can have the inspection done three months before it is due. That information, if passed, goes straight into the state computer, so that when you pay the property tax it shows you have passed the inspection. For the first three years it is just a safety check, then it goes into more details like we are used to in Texas. So, the dealership said we could just bring the truck over and they would take care of it... This morning, my first stop of the day was the dealership and when I got there, the tech guy said it was a two hour wait...and told me to find an inspection garage or location near me instead of sitting there for two hours. I knew this info would not set well with Roy but I called him to let him know. I did the Facebook asking and several said to go to Swann Tires which is close by the house. So instead of going straight home, I did errands along the way, one of which was stopping in at Whole Foods. I stocked up on locally made elderberry elixir for the Texas journey later on. And I also got some sliced oranges. Came home, ate lunch and was pulling out of the garage when two of the roofer guys pulled onto the gravel road. They were there to finish up the roof over the front porch.

The inspection took all of ten minutes and since the roof guys were still working on the house when I passed by, I went on into Weaverville to take care of a few things there. When I came home, they were gone and we were left with one fabulous red roof. I drove down a nearby road to take pictures from a distance and then later this evening I ventured oh so carefully out into the yard, with my cane in hand, to take close up pics. Facebook had reminded me that yesterday was the one year anniversary of falling while spreading wheat straw. I was extra careful. Our next project will be the front porch but we are waiting till next year to begin that project.  I have picked out a few pieces of tin from the scrap pile and Brenda gave me a great idea when she called this evening. If I find some existing bird houses, just wooden ones, I can put the tin scrap metal on as a roof to match the house. I love that idea.
It is a little after 5:00 am and I'm awake and up but not so willingly. Buddy was a royal pain for most of the night, so bits and pieces of sleep. And then about thirty minutes ago a pain, not Buddy, has kept me awake, so why fight it. At first I tried watching some I Love Lucy on the Hallmark Channel but it is not one of my favorite episodes. I could watch some on Hulu but if the TV hasn't been on it takes too long to load. Yes, first world problems. Almost everyone to a person who has had knee replacement has told me, you'll know when it's time and here of late, my knees have been screaming, it's time! But not yet, two months from today.

The script for Mildred and Gertrude is just about complete and last night I looked through my Millie suitcase and found a song that we rewrote and only used once or twice. It seems like a good fit for this presentation. I texted Peggy last night and told her as soon as I fix a few lines and add the song I'd email the script to her. We haven't done this in a long time, I am thinking the volunteer breakfast for LPM volunteers several Christmases ago is the last time. We will do this a month from today for the Ladies Loving Laughter at my church.

The book Mountain Born came yesterday. It is written by a woman, Jean Boone Benfield who grew up in this area. It is on my stack of books to read while recovering from knee replacements. It is so tempting to start it.

It is still dark outside but the sun will be coming up soon, but not sooner.

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