Friday, September 2, 2016

Go On, Take A Chill Pill

Buddy is knocked out from her chill pill and from her mani/pedi visit at the vet. I'm exhausted from a very rainy drive for most of the way from Asheville to Charlotte yesterday combined with the late arrival of Roy's plane and then our early departure from Charlotte. Roy is tired from taking care of some office related matters and well...his late flight and has been relaxing but he just went outside to weedeat and pull some weeds. Where he is finding the energy I do not know but with temps in the low 70's it is a good time to do those things. He checked his apple trees too.

The plan yesterday was to leave here in plenty of time to do a little shopping in Charlotte before checking into the hotel. I happened to take a look at the radar and realized I should probably leave sooner than later if I wanted to avoid the heavy rain and I thought I had done just that until I got outside of Asheville, you know in the gorge area with the steep grade and the rain came down abundantly. It let up just a bit when I stopped at the Cracker Barrel for a late lunch. I couldn't resist the pumpkin pancakes...they were yummy. I got back on the road and it started raining again. I saw a bad wreck with flipped cars on 321 on both sides of the road and then in Charlotte saw near misses of two wrecks right in front of me. I opted out of the shopping plans and went straight to the hotel. Good thing I packed books and magazines to occupy me but I found myself watching college football because it has been too long. There some exciting games. I also watched a little PBS because they were doing a program of highlights of fun things to see here in this great state. The weather affected Roy's flight just a bit and it was nice that the hotel shuttle picked him up from the airport and delivered him to the hotel. We were watching the radar because rain from the former hurricane known as Hermione might bring some torrential rains and I had pretty much had my full of driving in hard rain. We left about 8:20 and made it back here 10:30ish. Roy needed to work for about an hour before he could officially declare himself on vacation.

Because Roy loves the KFC buffet that is where we had lunch. Then we made a stop in at the grocery store, got some ice cream at DQ and picked up a prescription. Once home we immediately got the chill pill down Buddy, not a fun thing to do, and waited till we needed to leave for the vet. Buddy was still feisty but not as much as the previous times. I am glad to have those nails trimmed because even when she is just trying to use her paw to get your attention, her nails can catch hold of you. Not fun.

After doing a little yard work Roy decided he would like some gas station pizza. So, we ordered it, finished up in the yard, drove by elk and then picked up dinner. It was very good as per usual. So, now we have settled in for the night. Buddy is groggy from her chill pill. Roy is making coffee for in the morning. And then Brenda called. She and her sister were back from the apple festival in Hendersonville and she brought us apple cider donuts...yum! Perfect ending to a wonderful day.

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