Sunday, October 16, 2016

A Nap Is Calling And I Must Go

It's quiet here at the Ander House or The Red Roof Inn or even The Dew Drop Inn. Just the sound of the dishwasher and it's cycles disturb the tranquility. Peggy and crew left early for The Biltmore, Glad she woke me up, cause I might still be asleep. I got up and began getting ready for Sunday School and didn't plan to stay for church this day cause I be tired, but I am tired due to fun and laughter.

Bill and Peggy got in Thursday and John and Sherry on Friday. While Peggy and I worked on our Mildred and Gertrude lines, Bill went to the airport to pick them up. We tried to do a meet up at Sky Top Orchard, but three million of our best friends were already there and no one was surrendering a parking place... We flipped plans and headed over to Waynesville for lunch and then up to the Blue Ridge Parkway. I had made that drive on Wednesday just to check the color and wow, on Friday it seemed as if everything popped out overnight. This has been a late leaf change season due to drought and heat.  Saturday they went to Little Switzerland and several other places and returned home to gather up our things for the program, go over the lines and relax for a bit.

The Ladies Loving Laughter event was a hit! The tables were decorated beautifully in fall themes. The food was out of this world good and the desserts...they were from a galaxy far far away...dare I say they were heavenly? Our part of the program turned out well and we had a ton of fun and of course I just know my friends here learned all kinds of new ways to budget for the holidays and for ministry. Meanwhile, Roy had traveled to Baton Rouge to go to the LSU game. The President of his company offered him tickets that were really, really good! His friend that was to go with him had a last minute crisis and so Roy headed out by himself, early. He found parking which is hard to come by on game day and spent the afternoon on campus enjoying the festivities. His tickets were in the club, so he had complementary food and drink, which included ice cream. He was one happy LSU Tiger alumni. He had hotel reservations in Lafayette but with traffic closures and all those happy fans, he nearly had to go to Hammond before getting back to heading west. I talked with him this morning and he was so happy he went. I'm happy because he bought me a t-shirt and a LSU moleskin notebook. He just texted me he was at Buc-ees, so he is almost home.

We were sent home with to go portions from supper last night. Yum! I had tortilla soup and had the spice cake Brenda made. The tortilla soup recipe is the one I make and Judy W nailed it! It made for a very delicious lunch. I'm thinking of taking a nap here in a minute. Actually, it feels like my body is demanding me to take a nap. I keep seeing things I should do, so maybe that's why I need to close my eyes.

Mentally, I am checking things off the list that happen before I return to Texas. While I am checking off things, my mind is waging arguments against me because I'd rather stay here but I reason with it, with facts of the matter. Meanwhile, I'm trying my best to keep all things heart related in perspective so that I go into this next season as good as I can possibly get. Tuesday, I check in with the Orthopedic office to see what remains to take care of and get my last minute instructions before joint camp. I hope to rehab well and fast.

Sunday morning drives to church is one of my favorite drives, even though I go that way several times a week. On Sundays it seems there is something new and different to appreciate. Today the clouds veiled the mountains thinly, but you could see the outlines of the mountains coming through the mist. This morning I noticed the change in the trees and bushes in the backyard as we come closer and closer to the last days of fall colors and into the silvers and grays of winter.

Well, the nap is calling and I must go.

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