Friday, October 28, 2016

For The Joy, For The Joy, For The Joy!

For the joy, for the joy, for the joy... My mantra today as things wrap up around here. There is a little room left in the back of the truck for a small bag and for the bushel of apples I will buy on Sunday to take to Roy. Got Dena's picture she bought loaded and wrapped in a moving blanket. The boxes Bill wrapped up and the huge wooden bullet is tucked in safe and secure. My two big suitcases and two five foot storage containers loaded and ready to roll. One winter coat...uh, for my return home and a few books I forgot to pack. Got my meds sorted and stored, jewelry I might be inclined to wear packed and socks and pants I bought for Roy...loaded a box of food in the back, crackers and such as well as what I had here of Buddy's treats. For the joy, for the joy, for the joy.

Today Brenda and I went to lunch at The Twisted Laurel. Yum! Then she took me to the Post Office and to CVS to pick up a prescription. We came back here and cleaned out my refrigerator and she went home with some good stuff. Of course I have eaten a lot of good stuff at her house or even delivered here at home. Brenda left, I loaded more into the truck and talked to Roy and to my brother Doug. Brenda called and she was bringing over supper to me. Delicious as I was just feeling a tad hungry.

Sometimes you just feel like God does something special for you. On our way into Weaverville, we saw a horse in a playful way, laid down on the ground and began scratching his back with the dirt. It was a beautiful sight to behold. Then this afternoon the air was filled with lady bugs, I mean really there were hundreds of them just around my driveway. They say when you see a lady bug it means good luck...well, seeing that many might just multiple that.

Doug and I continue our family mystery pursuit. I am thinking it would make a good book.

Well, I am closing this post down. Have a few things to do and then I will pack the laptop up as well. For the joy, for the joy....I keep telling myself that but I am really feeling so sad to leave for just a while this wonderful and beautiful land.

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