Friday, October 21, 2016

Before Another Day

This morning's sunrise was majestic and colorful. The golden beams of light were just kind of topping the trees while the rest of the sky found itself in hues of pink and fluffs of fog. I took a few pictures, began editing them and when my view returned to the sky, it was like when the fog comes rolling in, when the fog comes rolling in... Now the little valley in front of the house is filled with gray, cool fog, covering up familiar landmarks but it shouldn't be too long before it all clears off.

Yesterday Dani and Scott stopped in on their way into Asheville. It was so good to see them and to catch up. We had lunch at Stony Knob, took a quick drive into Marshall and then they needed to get on their way.

My brother has started me off on a mystery. He told me a family story I had never heard that surprised us both. With most of the ones who might know some facts of the story have gone on and the few remaining unable to remember details, there was a vast plain to cover to find any details. Late Tuesday evening I began researching, trying to find information without joining Ancestry...that's what I am trying to do for now because I want the free trial during my recovery. I was able to find a few things but the most exciting is we now have a name. My friend Kelly is the genealogy research expert and she is helping me find a few things because I have hit a dead end...literally...looking for an obit.

My plans for the day just changed and that is alright by me. Jan was coming by this morning to clean the house but due to an unforeseen change in her plans we have rescheduled for next week. That works well for me since company and visitors are gone and the house relatively clean, I can start working in earnest on packing and taking care of things on the to do list. I would love to have all that taken care of by the weekend so I can enjoy next week to the fullest.

I always enjoy my Texas friends stopping in but when they leave I am left with the realization that I am going back to hectic, chaos, frantic, crowded, beige, and flat Texas. Then I remember that right now Roy and Buddy are there and friends. More importantly, I know God is there. If I had half a chance to backout of knee replacements, I think I might take up the opportunity but it will be in the long run, after a time of pain and endurance, be the best.
Now it is Friday morning. The temps have turned cool and crisp for the next several days. We got a miniscule amount of rain last night but every little bit helps. No fog rolling in, just low gray clouds that brighten the sunrise. I am waiting for doctor offices to open and get started on the day. I have to get clearance from my cardiologist and from my GP before I go to joint camp. I think we had a bit of miscommunication between me and the orthopedic's office. She told me in September it was all a go, so I thought it meant clearance but alas no. Yesterday, I was frantic with this news and prepared a bit to leave for Texas earlier than planned if I need to. Roy and I have prayed and we have asked friends to pray and agree with us. This morning I am more settled and prepared to postpone surgery if it gets too hectic. But I have asked the Lord to make clearance or timely appointments. I love how my FB friends have reminded me He has gone ahead of me.

Once again in Katy Roy has had to deal with smoke alarm issues. What is it about us that smoke alarms go off for no reason at all. It was the same alarm that had a compromised sensor that caused the problems. Once again, Roy had to call 911, because that is procedure. I asked him if they took his picture and phone number to put on the wall, do not respond to this guy and his smoke alarm sensors. Haha!

Well, I will wrap up this post before it goes into another day.

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