Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Sunday and Tuesday on a Wednesday

Ah Sabbath day, some rest, but some work needs to be taken care of. I am happy that LSU won last night because I knew I could not stay up and watch the game past halftime. When I awoke around 2:00 am, I checked the score and went happily back to sleep.

We were packed in Sunday School. Every chair was occupied. Great lesson on Jonah and I don't believe I ever realized before, we don't know how the story ends of Jonah, Did he choose to be angry and die or did he repent and keep on. I sat in Karon's chair today, in the corner, which reminds me that I broke my mother's heart when she realized I spent a majority of first grade in the corner because I talked a lot in class....with my neighboring classmates. I sure am going to miss the class. Today, I tried to once again take those mental pictures of people and scenes to get me through those rough days ahead.

I received a dinner, I mean supper invitation last night. Brenda asked me over and we enjoyed a delicious supper. Most of the day had been spent packing and going through things. I was able to put together the things I will need after surgery and with the temps remaining rather warm in Texas, I am packing for warm, cool and cold weather. Then of course books and magazines and things to keep me entertained and amused. Later this week I will gather up the things that Roy has asked me to bring for him and a few Buddy things too.
Well, it is Tuesday morning and I'm finishing up breakfast. I would like to get some projects wrapped up today and it is looking very likely that they will be completed even though I am blogging before working.

Last Tuesday I saw spectacular colors in the mountains going toward Tennessee and I did a little of that drive once again on Sunday afternoon. I must have caught the peak day because on Sunday many of the trees no longer had any leaves remaining due to the fierce winds we had on Friday and Saturday. Yesterday, around the Waynesville area the leaves were brilliant with color, so probably by the end of the week around here in the lower elevations, the leaves will display such beauty.

Thinking through the coming months ahead and the hard work needed for a good recovery, I am also thinking that I have spent most of my life in constant pain from my knees. This painful journey began in high school, playing volleyball and not getting our knee pads each year until our first game of the season. The coach's flawed reasoning being, if we will dive and dig without knee pads in practice just think how much more we will with knee pads in games when it counts. No coach in their right mind would do that today. All through my young life I was out there playing volleyball or softball or tennis. As the years went by the pain increased, it changed the way I walked, it changed the way I sit and rise, it changed the way I changed everything. Thankfully, along the way surgery and holistic methods have eased the pain somewhat to a whole lot but at the end of the day, it was still there, my constant friend, pain. I used way too many Advils when I played tennis and then when heart issues overtook knee pain, I could no longer take Advil and Tylenol didn't do a thing. So I endured and hoped. At the age of 54 I went to see a well known orthopedic surgeon hoping to have some relief but advised me to wait as long as possible before having knee replacements and he added he was taking my x-rays to a conference because I had the worst knees he had ever seen for a 54 year old. So here I am eight years later and I am tired of knee locks, knees giving way, pain when standing, pain if sitting too long...and as I heard so many times in this journey from those who have gone before, you'll know when it's time. It is time!

I do not want to leave here but the big picture helps me. Most of the books I am bringing with me are fiction and nonfiction that have to do with the this area to keep me motivated to get back here and echo the words of John Muir, "the mountains are calling and I must go. It is just not the mountains but friends who have become like family to me....uh good family because with my background sometimes family is not a compliment, but it is this time. Sunday morning in Sunday School, every chair was occupied and we even had a few absent. Our class is filled with loving, praying and encouraging women....who also are a whole lot of fun. What a blessing and joy to have found Newfound Baptist Church! It is with joy I anticipate coming back home here and serving these friends as well as serving with them.

But going back to Texas, as much as I don't want to, will be pleasant months spent in a very beige land. I say this after a good friend who lives in Atlanta visited us and she noticed just how beige Rancho De Five is...due to a very strict HOA. At the time I didn't see it...but overtime the beigeness came to overtake my view on this. But in Texas waiting for me is a hubby and kitty and friends far and near and it will be fun being there with them. In January when I am more mobile, I will go back to my Community Bible Study class and study Isaiah. In the words of Peggy when she had her knee replacement, she was going to become the biggest gym rat around. I echo those words as well.

Packing for Texas is packing for three seasons, which can all happen in a day. It will be in the 80's when I return. Then those famous loose clothing essentials for knee replacements wear about the house. I then have to think about post surgery when one can get out and about and then of course pack warm clothes for the two days of winter and for my return trip back home, where it will still be cool, right into the month of May...which I hope to be back way before that.

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