Saturday, October 22, 2016

He's A Way Maker

Today old people writing checks at the grocery store and white trucks and cars have been the bane of my afternoon existence. After hearing from the cardiologist's office, I was free to roam about the country but really only needed to roam to the grocery store. Just as I pulled out of the garage, a light rain began and light rain is welcomed but a nice steady rain would be wonderful. I just needed a few things at the store but with Ingle's new improvements, it seems check writers and cashiers are not on the same page. So to make the time go by quicker, I decided to be helpful to the man behind me in line who was using a motorized cart, which as Monablog readers know are my second arch nemesis after minivans. I think checking out took longer than the whole shopping trip. So Ingle's has added to their take out options to compete with Publix which will be opening across the street. I tried the orange chicken today...not Fu Garden good but very tasty and will be a repeat. Anyway, on the trip to and from the grocery store, white trucks and one white car pulled out dangerously close in front of me. For a nano second, they moved up on the arch nemesis list and replaced minivans.

I love that Peggy brings her camera just about most places she goes. She gets great shots and perspectives. I only carry my phone with me, so many times the shots I want to capture just have to be captured in my heart and mind. Today was one of those days because the sky was winter gray, with creases of foreboding streaks of silver and black mixed throughout the sky. It is darker than when it looks like rain on the mountains, no it is winter sky announcing cold temps and wind. The wind is blowing rather hard and we are under a wind advisory until 6:00 pm. I'm taking pics of the changing leaves and foliage. Just the other day the red bud tree and plumb trees were in full green foliage. With the wind, those leafs have blown to the ground. It happens so quickly, especially the plumb trees.

This morning was spent in prayer and on the phone with doctor offices. My GP had already sent me an appointment time in my patient portal for my pre-surgery check up. She is either leaving the practice of medicine altogether or she is just leaving the Methodist Hospital System in late November. This was her first available appointment which is after joint camp but not too distanced. I also got the right person to talk to at the cardiologist. Funny, in July when I was there for my checkup, the receptionist and I talked about the yogurt she was eating. This same receptionist in the past has canceled appointments by mistake or taken messages and it has taken a lot of tenacity to finally get a call back. Before she put me on hold I told her I had tried some of the yogurt she was eating that day in July and thanked her for introducing me to that flavor. Do you know I got connected with the right person and without too much of a wait. Oh yogurt, what a great subject matter. I talked with the nurse who does clearance for surgery. She asked if my GP could do my EKG along with the lab work because that would expedite the process since there weren't any available appointments in my time frame. She also assured me if I needed an echo, those were not difficult to schedule. She called me back a little before noon to let me know she was faxing back an approved for surgery clearance to my orthopedist. Wow, what a difference 24 hours makes. Yesterday afternoon, I was reacting to the misunderstanding of my part in the process and felt ill and shaky. I went over to Vivian's just to visit and de-stress on her famous back porch and it did the trick. Then, I asked FB friends to pray for this situation and just like we learned in Sunday School a couple of weeks ago, I laid out all the papers and information just like Hezekiah did and handed it all over to the Lord. "For I cried out to him for help praising him as I spoke." Psalm 66:11

I'll touch base with the ortho doctor office on Monday or Tuesday. I'll continue to gather and pack things. I was talking to a Houston friend last night and I told her it is like I have to pack for three seasons, warm, cool and then prepare for a possible blast of cold. I'm packing for rehab and extended home time but also need to pack for before and then way after on surgery. I'm having trouble finding a couple of shirts I like, so I will search again.

Hopefully this next week will not hold the stress of these past few days and my adrenaline can be replenished. I had come to the point yesterday morning that if surgery had to be postponed, I was just fine with that, but so happy when the pieces fell together and God made a way when there seemed to be no way.

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