Wednesday, October 5, 2016

I'm Nancy Mon and I Approve This Message...on Pollentics

Oh October 5th, you are such a beautiful morning! Our little cool snap has sent the hummingbirds on their migration, so the hummingbird feeder will be taken down, cleaned and put up today. Mike the mower man must have fixed his lawnmower because when I returned home yesterday, the grass had been cut and the weeds, weed eated.

Got the nicest surprise last night! I was reading and the phone rang. Thought it would be Roy cause it is the normal commute time phone call. It was Lisa P. We text all the time but it has been a couple of weeks since we talked. Two and a half hours later, we had covered all the bases, even though the Astros didn't make the playoffs. What a nice way to spend an early part of the evening catching up with and making plans with Lisa P. I have about a week and a half to play before my surgery. There is Mexican food to be consumed and fun to be had.

Yesterday was also fun because we did the extendomatic birthday celebration for Gale, Sunday School teacher extraordinaire! Brenda and I met Gale and Judy at the Ingle's parking lot and headed over to The Blue Rooster for an early lunch. It was Gale's and Judy's first visit and they liked no loved it. We were able to sit in Laura's section, so that made lunch even more fun. We were kind of on a schedule so we had time to pick one place to go after lunch and we kept in mind there was road work on I 40 going back into Asheville that had traffic backed up for miles. We chose the Main Street Mercantile because they have such cute things and because it is right off NC 276 which is the backway to get home. Yes, I felt just like a local cause I knew how to get us back without using the freeway. The Main Street Mercantile was a hit too.

Roy has this new obsession with smells, fragrances, and mostly pollen. He has never been sensitive before and just kind of breezed through life without even noticing smells, fragrances and mostly pollen. Occasionally, he would have a reaction to perfume I wore and even one time as I tried out a new fragrance from a sample, he reacted with the words, "what stinks?" when I came to bed. Yea, all that sweet talk from Roy will get you every time. I think this sensitivity to smells obsession began in 2014 when we looked at a house in Canton and our real estate agent Brian drove us past the papermill there. That put the kibosh on that house, even though I don't think we were that interested in it. The compelling factor of the house was the fact the older couple selling had put in many upgrades when they built and the market could not absorb those costs. You were getting a lot of bang for your buck but there was that papermill close by in Canton. In this season of politics and the mendacity of the candidates, I am going to be more concerned with Roy's obsession and be interested in pollentics. Instead of dismissing his concerns for pollen in the house, I am going to be a representative of the house and support this war on pollen. He swears he can perceive pollen at micro measurements. He is constantly washing blankets and such because a bit of pollen dropped off him when he came into the house after riding his bike. We have air purifiers and Katy has a dehumidifier as well. No longer do cheap air filters do the job, we have upgraded to allergen catching filters. I am training myself to never mention smells, fragrances or mostly pollen in Roy's company because it sets off his sensitizer and we are into the land of pollentics before you know it. When we returned to Katy this summer and the fire alarms were sounding off the warning in our home, he smelled fire, he smelled something burning and when the fire dept showed up and did the search, it was a sensor in one of the alarms that had gone bad. Pollentics will do that to you...make you believe something that isn't really there. I will have to put my foot down if he decides to turn the laundry room into a decontamination unit, I'm thinking of something out Monsters Inc. So look out mold spores, oak pollen, ragweed, and tree pollen.  Look out leaf mold. We are on point! We are on march! Our goal in pollentics is to wipe out all allergens and the lingering effects for now and for later generations. Cleaner air for cleaner homes, a chicken in every pot and an air purifier in every home. No more Febreze use. Glade will be used only as a scenic description of trees. I'm Nancy Mon and I approve this message.

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