Monday, October 3, 2016

In A Minute....Soon...OK, Now

Greetings October! You're my favorite month of the year. Seems like we have turned a corner temperature wise and with nights in the 40's it makes for great weather. With such a beautiful day I had to get out and take in the sights around these parts. And as a treat I ordered gas station pizza for lunch. Now I feel a nap calling out to me but I will try and resist the urge to give in.

Slowly but surely I am crossing off things on my to do list. Most everything is just some little thing but I have procrastinated on taking care of them.
Well, greetings on Monday morning. It is a cool morning with temps warming up to 77 today. Not too bad. The birds in the back are singing and I do believe this little cool snap made the reluctant hummingbirds move along in migration. Haven't seen them in the past few days after being a constant resident on the welcome sign shepherd hook.

Last weekend not fun football, this weekend, fun football cause all the teams we like won. Baylor in an unusual fashion and LSU in a bold statement. Texans barely squeaked by. I only got to watch LSU and followed Twitter for the rest.

My friend Geni H wrote something to me on FB yesterday that has had me pondering and giving thanks since reading it. She said, "I love your life." I responded back, I love it too. I take the garbage down to the road in the truck and after safely depositing the bag I took a little drive around our area. Got to see the cows from across the way up close and there was a huge group of turkeys down the way. I said hi to the camels, elk, and watusi and then I was treated to a gorgeous display of the sun breaking through the clouds over the mountains. In city slicker terms all these things are around the block from us, although they are very hilly and long blocks, nevertheless, so enjoyable to take in.  I love my church and especially my Sunday School class. I did not sit in my usual seat for two reasons, I wanted to sit by my friend Gwen and I wanted to have a different perspective. Gale, our teacher, was on a much anticipated birthday trip with her daughters and Judy did a fabulous job just like always. We are breezing through Isaiah after being in I and II Kings for several weeks. I have never been a fan of quarterlies in the past but these now are really good.

I have stopped over at Vivian's and made a trip to The Fresh Market. Mike the Mower Man was working on his mower and will be back tomorrow. I had lunch and now I am procrastinating getting back to work around here. I'm wondering why candy corn tastes especially good in the fall?

The leaves are turning more colorful as they days go by. Such beauty and a few wildflowers are holding on probably until the first frost. Such a wonderful time of the year. But even in the most wonderful, colorful time of year, I need to clean the house. I a minute...soon...ok, now.

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