Tuesday, October 18, 2016

It's All How You Look At It

The colors of fall are popping right now. I took a little jaunt up to Tennessee and you jaunt on roads in higher elevations. I might be a little prejudice but the North Carolina colors seemed just a tad brighter than those in Tennessee. Before I could jaunt, I had to clean out the trash can because a sack full of garbage had been emptied into the can, sans the bag. So I had the fun and disgusting job of putting all the gunky trash by hand into the bag. The joy of coffee grounds, banana peels, apple cores, and such transferred back into the bag...let's just say I am glad I caught it before it got "ripe." Then I ran an errand for Bill that didn't go quite as smoothly as hoped, but errand completed, After that, I made a quick stop at Barnes and Noble and they had the magazine and several other fun things I had been looking for. I was finally able to head out on my jaunt and the colors of the trees were spectacular! It made up for the repugnant garbage can clean up. The produce stand I like over there in Tennessee is only open till tomorrow and then they are closing down for the season. Slim pickings there but I made another stop at a stand just a bit down the road and found some Arkansas Black apples that looked really good, so a few came home with me. I detoured home via Wolf Laurel and Mars Hill. The river road is so beautiful now, so that was the way I came home.

Well, I have put up the cushions from the firepit and chairs for the season. The tarp we used last year has seen better days, so that is another thing added to my list of to do's. I did get some leaves swept up and I took down the extra lights we had around the railing. The lights have seen better days too, so they will be thrown away. I have enjoyed watching the birds as I worked since they were oblivious to me until the last minute. I had a dove zeroing in on my head and it averted at the last second. Whew!

When I got home in March I put up a suitcase filled with winter things. I decided I could just take them out of the suitcase as I went along but now a lot of that stuff needs to come out of the suitcase, so it can go back in the suitcase. I have found the pants and jacket I have been searching for. Nancy, my sister in law, called me this yesterday to check in with me and to coordinate plans later in the year. She had her right knee replaced in December of last year and she is also a nurse. So, she was giving me a lot of helpful hints and questions for the doctor and staff at joint camp. She attended a camp before she had her surgery in Nashville.

Our friends Dani and Scott are nearby and will be stopping by on Wednesday. It will be so fun to visit with them and I think we are going to have lunch in Weaverville.

Roy is trying to get his CLE hours in for the year and has a great chance of getting his ethics hours in one sitting. He is trying to do all the in person seminars and that will leave online courses to finish out the hours he needs and he plans to do that while I am recovering.

The sunsets have been so beautiful of late. With all the clouds and the brilliant blue skies, combining as the sun sets below the mountains have made some picture worthy sets. Although, I haven't taken pictures of many, just trying to remember them for a time in the future when I am in flat, beige, rancho de five.

Doug and I talked yesterday and today. We are like detectives trying to figure out a family mystery.

So, back to normal around here, laundry and the like...

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