Wednesday, July 14, 2010

An Adventure I Would Like to Experience in the Burbs Not the Med Center

I awakened this morning and discovered I was involuntarily shaking and shivering like I was cold. Buddy was trying to help by sleeping close to me. Wait, she was probably cold and just using me for added warmth. Or could she be like the cat in the nursing home because she slept by my side all night. In the summer, her habit is sleeping at the end of the bed. Odd thing, I wasn't cold yet I couldn't stop the shivering. I think it was all those pent up nerves from weeks of knowing that today is when I foray into the dreaded Medical Center. If you have time around 1:15 that's when I will begin travel to my appointment, please say a prayer for me. I'm not nervous about the appointment, I'm nervous about finding my way to and hoping it is not full, valet parking. The stress of the parking garage totally overwhelms me. I didn't used to be this way. Now, if I have to gut it up and do it, I will. Oh my... If you work in the Medical Center, I am putting you on alert to stay in your offices for you own safety for the afternoon.

Yesterday, I had a massage and it felt so good after experiencing sore muscles from riding behind the jet ski on a raft. Diane really attacked my shoulder and back muscles. Very nice. Afterwards I made a quick trip to Anthropologie and found a couple of sale items that needed to come home with me. On my way home a stop at Barnes and Noble seemed to be in order. Of course some books came home too.

I'm just going over all the papers and records that I'm taking with me to the Dr office. I felt like I wrote a thesis when it came to the medical records part. Just made an official list of all the medications and vitamins I take. I'm lucky to have any morning time after reading everything that has to be taken in the A.M. Not trying to be a Dr pet or anything, but I also included my weight loss, nutrition information and work out schedule with and without a trainer. I've even thought ahead and will wear a button blouse with a cami just to make things easier for all. It sounds like I'm obsessed with this appointment and maybe there's some truth in that statement, but I'm anticipating answers and paths to keep my heart in the best shape possible, for the longest time possible. I have hope, peace and joy in the Lord (of course). People, there are too many "to be read books" in my pile and I'm going to read them all.

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annette said...

Okay, just saw I'm a day late and a dollar short. Sorry. Sure wished I had known. I pray everything went well, and next time, keep me in mind. I drive down there a lot and don't mind. Love ya, Annette