Sunday, July 18, 2010

Breakfast at Tiffany's...I Mean at Pappasita's

Now in times past my thought of a great Saturday morning was sleeping in, easing into the day and taking it easy. Since we've begun our Saturday mornings at Pappasita's, I believe the perfect Saturday is one that begins with pecan pancakes, chips, and ice tea. Ah yes, Pappasita's you've made a Saturday early riser out of me. Well, not that early of a riser, but most Saturday mornings you can find Roy and me, oh beginning about 9:45 or 10:00 at the Pappasita's on I-10. This past Saturday we changed up our menu items somewhat but of course my breakfast is including pecan pancakes. I cannot tell you how excited and thrilled I was when I saw Susan Kirby and her friends make their way to a table. I was really excited and wanted to rush right on over, but you know, I acted all cool and least until they had been served chips and salsa. Then I made my way over to say hi.

These are not the best pictures because they were taken with my BlackBerry, but they contain the message, if not a blurry message. These are the delicious pecan pancakes. I do not use all the butter and bring sugar free syrup to cut down on calories. This is my indulgence each week and as soon as I have taken the last bite, I'm already looking forward the the next Saturday.

Roy ordered the huevos con carne this week and instead of fried potatoes he got fresh fruit. It was great fruit. None of that hard honeydew melon or watery cantaloupe.
Now this picture was not taken on Saturday but at the Inn on the Biltmore Estate. The picture I took of Roy did not turn out well, so I substituted this. Just like he substituted fresh fruit for fried potatoes.

How do I love thee pecan pancakes? Let me count the ways.

This is Daisy. She is awesome! She is from the New Orleans area and came to Houston during all the Katrina happenings. She is funny and she is a great waitress. She gets the credit for getting us to Pappasita's on Saturdays. I mean I feel sorry for all those waiting for tables at Denny's, IHOP, 59 Diner and Buffalo Grille.

This is Nathan. He is awesome too. He is the fastest waiter on foot. We saw him run next door one Saturday to get butter from Pappadeux and he was sprinting by the time he came back into Pappasito's. We kind of messed him up this past Saturday by changing our menu choice, because we don't usually use or need any stinkin' menus.

I think this is Sherry. She made me go through a list of potential friends we might know before getting to post this picture, that she posed for. I could not publish the actual eating of the pancakes, let's just say ever see fish in a feeding frenzy? Enough word pictures. I love that they had the pancakes as an appetizer. I am duly impressed!

Here are Susan and friends. They were celebrating Jena's birthday. Right after this picture was taken the wait staff came with the sombrero and the Happy Birthday song and complimentary dessert. I mean really, what a way to have breakfast. Breakfast at Pappasita's includes all the best of both worlds, chips, salsa, tomatilla sauce, pancakes, eggs and bacon or jalapeno sausage.

So when you are feeling a little Luke 24:41- like when Jesus asks the disciples, "Do you have anything here to eat?" And if the answer on a Saturday morning is just some Lucky Charms, Count Choculha and 3 day old milk, be like Martha, be a whirlwind and get on down to Pappasita's. Then sit there like Mary, for you will have chosen the one thing needful, well, needful to start a great Saturday.
Not all Pappasita's do breakfast on Saturday mornings. Please check with your local Pappasita's. I do know for sure the one at I-10 and the Beltway serves on Saturday. I also hear the French Toast is delicious. I can't bear to try it because that would mean I'd have to do without pecan pancakes. Guess I need to be more like Abraham and leave the land of sUR-up on pecan pancakes and have faith that the land of French Toast and sUR-up would be a blessing too.

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