Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What a Way to End a Great Weekend

We love spending some holiday time with the Bains and their extended family. Roy and I went out to their home yesterday afternoon and had a blast. Roy took about 118 pictures, so I have culled them down somewhat. It is really fun to watch Roy take pictures. He has found a new hobby and is already researching for a new, better and faster camera. We had to leave before the second night of fireworks. It is a work day for Roy today and I did have an early cardiologist appointment. The Dr had an emergency this morning, so I will now go this afternoon. Enjoy the pictures.

The sunsets are beautiful at Lake Bain.

Friends are beautiful too! Peggy gave me my birthday present early. It is a vintage napkin dispenser that says, The Quiz Master on it. Now this is only funny to us because in our Mildred and Gertrude scripts, I refer to Ed (Roy) as the Quiz Master. He does ask a lot of questions and his tendency is for early morning questions. I am not a morning person.

So excited to see my gift.

I wonder if Bill would even notice is something was misplaced?

Grand kids having so much fun on the lake.

Bill trying to catch a large bass.

We were going to sit in the gazebo, but love bugs had met their final coupling and death on the wicker...so we opted to go back to the dock.

Grand kids awaiting the pull out of the water.

Two out of three people love the jet ski

The lovely Bain Compound.

The lovely gazebo, home of the final resting place of love bugs.

The warm up of a beautiful sunset, showing us the show to come.

God's handiwork.

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Really lovely photographs Nancy